Keep These Beauty Products Near You!

Have you ever been at your desk desperately needing one of your favorite beauty products, only to realize that it’s home and out of your reach? Unfortunately, this is a reality for many beauty enthusiasts. Most people spend just as much time at work as they do at home. That’s why we all should make sure that our desks are stocked with beauty items that keep us looking and feeling good at work. 

We know—you already have a beauty collection at home, and creating another for work may seem like unnecessary work. We get it, but we reassure you that having a stash of the essentials at your desk is life changing and needed. Whether you desperately need to do a quick touch up during the workday or have a dinner to attend once you leave the office, having a work beauty stash can save you a lot of time and headaches in the long run.

Looking for recommendations for the best products to have at work in 2020, check out this list of some of our current favs!

Dior Backstage Addict Lip Glow, 166 AED

Our lips always need all the love that they can get, and this lip mask gives it just that and more. Although it specifies that it’s for overnight use, I can tell you from experience that it’s great to use at any time of the day!

Sephora Collection Hand Balm, 35 AED

Whether it’s in your purse or tuck in your filing cabinet, hand lotion is an absolute must. Between washing your hands in the restroom and our hand’s natural inability to hold moisture, hand lotion is a non-negotiable beauty essential that you should always have access to!

Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist, 205 AED

You may already know how much we love a good facial mist. So, it should surprise you that we too think facial mist is a product that you should always have on your desk. It’s refreshing for all skin types, but for dry skin specifically, it’s a great way to add moisture to skin whether you have on makeup or not!

Too Faced Damn GIrl! Mascara, 130 AED

As the self-proclaimed queen of forgetting to put on mascara before I leave the house, I encourage you to keep a tube or two at work. On days where you haven’t gotten much sleep, throwing a little mascara on is the perfect way to look more alert instantly.

Dior J’Dore Perfumed Deodorant, 228 AED

Have you ever been on your way to work or at your desk then realized you forgot to put on deodorant that morning and have instantly freaked out? Well, that’s precisely the reason why you should always have a spare tucked somewhere in your work draw.

Fenty Invisimatte Blotting Powder, 160 AED

Raise your hand if you have oily skin (me!). If so, you always need some powder at your desk to take down the shine. This particular powder eliminates shine instantly without interfering with your makeup, so no matter how much you layer it out, your makeup continues to look virtually flawless!

SugarBearHair Vitamins, 129 AED

It’s hard enough as it is to make sure you take your vitamins every day. A major hack so that you never forget is by buying vitamins in twos and leaving one at home at one at work. This way, no matter what time of the day you remember to take them, a bottle is nearby.r 

DealMux Cosmetic Make Up Desk Double Side Magnify Stand Mirror, 51 AED

What’s the purpose of having your desk stocked with beauty essentials if you don’t have a mirror at your desk to assist you. Of course, you could always find another mirror in the office (i.e., in the bathroom), but if you prefer to do your beauty touch-ups in private, a mirror at your desk is a must!

Garnier Skin Active Cleansing Wipes, 30 AED 

You never know when a beauty mishap may arise during a hectic workday. That’s why you should always have beauty wipes at your disposal. When “fixing” your makeup seems impossible, you can always take it all off and enjoy fresh skin instead.

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