Brand Rundown: Urban Decay

Anyone who is into makeup has owned at least one Naked palette in the past. Urban Decay is actually one of the best-selling brands out there. Tells you something about the empire they’ve built, but let’s find out more!

A Brief History

Urban Decay is a high-end beauty brand founded in 1996 to fill the color void in the makeup world when “pink, red and beige enslaved the prestige beauty market. They are now owned by L’Oréal but continue to operate as a cruelty-free brand. Urban Decay’s first magazine ad asked: “Does Pink Make You Puke?”. They’ve been easily recognizable by their grungy grey and purple branding ever since.

Worth the Hype?

Certainly! Urban Decay has some misses, certainly, but that’s bound to happen when a brand pushes out so much makeup in such little time. Not all makeup is created equal after all, and what works for some people, just might not work for others. While the brand does sponsor influencers, it doesn’t rely too heavily on them. Their brand ambassadors are people who actually embrace and share their vision, such as Lizzo and Ezra Miller.

Their products vary in prices, from around 90 dirhams (such as their holy grail glide on eye pencils) to almost 300 (which is roughly the price of most Naked palettes).

Star Products

Born to Run

As you can tell so far, the Naked line is Urban Decay’s most famous, and most successful. This perhaps contributed to why this palette didn’t get that much attention. The Born to Run palette would perhaps be the only one you need in a perfect world. If you want warm, cool or neutral shades, you’ll find them in there. Looking for glittery ones? They’re there. More into mattes? You’ll find them there, too! Also, the packaging is the ultimate travel bucket list. What more could you ask for?

Photo Credits // sephora 

Heavy Metals Eyeliners

Urban Decay is well-known for its eyeliners, but these ones, in particular, stand out. These glitter-in-a-bottle liners come with a sharp tip to help draw on the perfect wing. They are good to wear on their own but could even be the one touch to elevate your look to a whole other level. They come in several shades, so pick up your favorite color and apply makeup as you’ve never known before!

Photo Credits // sephora 

Maybe-Next-Time Products

Naked 2 Basics Palette

For every Naked palette released, Urban Decay usually releases a smaller all-matte version to compliment it. This one was a total miss, however. This 5-pan palette offers 3 shades that are almost the same, and it’s quite hard to use just this one palette to create any distinct look. The colors don’t complement most skin tones, either. It’s older sister, the Naked 2 palette, would probably be a better choice.

Photo Credits // urbandecay

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