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I am a solemn believer in working on my beauty from the inside out so after eating a healthy diet, my skin gets the next top priority. Personally, I liked to keep my makeup to a minimum with days where I don’t wear anything just to give my skin time to breathe. For me to pull off this no-makeup look I like to make sure that my skin is in the best state it can possibly be. A brand I have explored and loved is a Korean skincare brand called Dr. Jart. Their philosophy is a fusion of science and art and who doesn’t want to look like a work of art?  I’m addition to having gorgeous packaging and all the benefits of Korean skincare, Dr. Jarts products are actually really really good!

Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution

This sheet mask is a lifesaver! There are way too many times where I had an awful breakout before an important event that left me in search of a quick remedy. This sheet mask has all the makings of a great product for breakouts and overall many face concerns you might have.  Formulated with tea tree oil for fighting those pesky spots and salicylic acid to even out and brighten skin tone this mask is a purchase I keep making over and over. Use it the night before your event for the best results!

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it's day two of @the_hazel_dragon 's #antihoardmaskchallenge and today's theme is #Prized. my mask for today is my to go mask when I'm breaking out at 9 am but want to go out at 9 pm, it's my Hail Mary when I need calm skin asap. it's the Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution by @drjart, probably one of the most effective masks I've ever bought which why I treasure it. 💁🛩❤️ 🏆 the mask : Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution by @drjart. . 🏆 the intent : anti breakout but also evens skintone and fades scars. . 🏆 the result : I use this mask sparingly, usually at the onset or in the midst of a breakout at a bad time (is there ever a good time for a breakout tho?). it's very gentle but effective and actually soothes my skin while still treating the acne. even my hormonal acne has met its match with this mask. 🏆 notes : I meant it when I say I use this mask sparingly, tonight is the first time I've used one in months actually. I first bought it at Sephora (for $9 😵) when I was new to sheet masks but have since bought it by the box of 5 online. even so it's probably the most expensive mask I buy regularly and I get stressed when I run low in my mask hoard lol. this mask was a real game changer from the $1 sheet masks I'd bought before, I realized there are masks out there that can provide results in one use rather than using many over a period of time. I wonder what wonders 30 days of this mask would do? . ◻️ ◻️ ◻️ ◻️ #ANTIHOARDMASKCHALLENGE #antihoardmaskchallenge #thehazeldragon #skinbysarah #sheetmask #sheetmaskchallenge #sheetmaskaddict #abcommunity #drjart #dermaskmicrojetclearingsolution #microjetclearingsolution #drjartsheetmask #drjartskincare #acneprone #combinationskin

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Rubber Mask Bright Lover

Looking for a more complex, and more fun mask? Try the masks from Dr. Jart’s rubber mask line! I am obsessed with getting a natural glow and this mask does just that! This mask claims to give the same benefits as clinical esthetic care and I can’t lie I see why they would make this claim. This product is pure magic! The 2 steps are formulated to give you the most out of your product with the first step being the hydrating ampule which gives you that intensive brightening effect and the second step which is the rubber mask to lock all the good stuff in and prevent the active ingredients from evaporating! The best part is that the rubber mask looks really funny so if anything you’ll at least get a laugh out of it!

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АЛЬГИНАТНАЯ МАСКА, КОТОРУЮ НЕ НУЖНО СМЕШИВАТЬ ❓ТАКАЯ СУЩЕСТВУЕТ❗⠀ ⠀ Dr.Jart+ Dermask Rubber Mask Bright Lover обладает высокой эффективностью профессиональных альгинатных масок и очень проста в использовании🤩 ⠀ ⠀ Маска заметно повышает тонус💪 и снимает последствия стресса💆⠀ Экстракт грейпфрута🍊 в составе средства стимулирует обновление эпидермиса, питает клетки, оказывает легкое отбеливающее действие, нормализует работу сальных желез, сужает поры и придает сияние✨⠀ ⠀ Сейчас со скидкой – 943 рубля💰⠀ Наш сайт: makecolor.ru💕⠀ ⠀ #альгинатнаямаска #drjart #лифтингмаскадлялица #макияжвкраснодаре  #моделирующаямаска #лифтингмаска #маскалифтинг #косметикаизевропы #косметикакупить #увлажняющаямаска  #drjartrubbermask #корейскаямаска #уходзакожей #маскадлясияния #rubbermaskbrightlover

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Dermaclear Trans-Foam Clay Pink 50ml

Moving swiftly along to my absolute favorite product (the one in pink on the furthest right!) This product is a multi-tasking genius. Truly a jack of all trades, this clay mask draws out dirt, removes dead and dull skin cells, then foams to act as a facial cleanser which provides you with intense cleaning revealing a clean and fresh complexion. I like to use this product after I remove my makeup as an extra step of cleansing. Afterward, my skin looks, feels, and smells amazing!

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