Saudi Arabia’s Top YouTube Channels

A couple of years ago, Saudi Arabia took over Brazil as the number one country in terms of Youtube usage. Every day, millions of views on the platform come from the Kingdom! With such love for the platform, it is no wonder that the country has seen fantastic local content creators with hundreds of millions of views: check them out below ranked by number of views.


4,156,467,805 VIEWS – 7,428,447 SUBSCRIBERS

Mohamed Moshaya is the number 1 family vlogger in the Middle East. With his 3 children, Anas, Iman & Yousuf, he shares his travels, challenges and everyday moments of life with the world. Accumulating over 4 BILLION views, needless to say, his joyful and relatable videos have won the hearts of the YouTube audience.


717,706,869 VIEWS – 3,241,385 SUBSCRIBERS

Sahi channel started in 2012 on YouTube as a channel to showcase Saudi young talents. The movement’s goal is to enable this pool of young talent to create more and more quality and light-hearted content, to bring across their message, but always with a smile.


579,134,969 VIEWS – 5,427,253 SUBSCRIBERS

This channel belongs to Hassan Al Omran, a 22-year-old Saudi vlogger. On his channel, Hassan shares videos about his daily life in the Kingdom as well as pranks and reviews.


545,610,373 VIEWS – 5,280,282 SUBSCRIBERS

Rayan Al Ahmari is 22 years old and lives in Jeddah. Passionate about gaming and entertainment, his channels is a collection of challenges, funny short videos and tips on games.


392,391,609 VIEWS – 3,203,053 SUBSCRIBERS

Another fantastic content creator whose renown has outstripped Youtube as he is toured in the UAE for his comedy show in 2015: Bader Saleh, the master of comedy from Saudi Arabia describes his channel as “a comedy program that criticizes the latest and most enjoyable scenes on the internet with constructive and often cynical criticism”

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