4 Traditional Emirati Restaurants in Dubai

Throughout the years Dubai has blossomed into a modern metropolis. From skyscrapers being built on what used to be a dessert, to the worlds’ largest malls and shopping outlets, and other activities beyond belief. In addition to this, Dubai has also incorporated and adapted to Western practices – one major adaptation is the food we eat and the restaurants we love, but regardless of this, Dubai still has a rich heritage. These authentic and traditional Emirati restaurants are all located in Dubai. Try them out and experience the UAE’s true history and culture!

Al Bait Al Qadeem

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Al Bait Al Qadeem – directly translated to ‘the old house’, is a traditional Emirati restaurant located on Al Suq Al Kabeer Street in Dubai, UAE. This restaurant is the perfect place to indulge in authentic Emirati food from Kebabs to Biriyani and delicious Logma for dessert. It is also located near the Gold Souq, which is perfect for an after-shopping meal! What a perfect outing to experience the UAE’s heritage.

Al Fanar Restaurant & Café

Al Fanar Seafood Restaurant and market is one to try. Their newest branch at Al Seef retains the charm of Al Fanar’s ambiance through its architecture and authentic Emirati Flavors through its fresh seafood. Diners are to select the seafood of their choice and Al Fanar’s culinary masters will infuse it with mouthwatering Emirati flavors for diners to enjoy while overlooking the creek.

Al Mashowa

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Located in the beautiful outdoor galleria in Dubai, City Walk by Meraas, is the incredible cultural and traditional Emirati restaurant Al Mashowa. Al Mashowa takes you on a journey into the Emirati tradition with recipes passed down from generations. It represents the best of Emirati cuisine, serving fresh and local products and spices and offering a truly local dining experience.



Logma, names after the traditional Emirati dessert, is an authentic local restaurant located on Dubai Financial Road. From the first-class service to absolutely delicious food and an exceptional view of the Dubai fountains, this restaurant is a must-try. Don’t forget to try the Logma for dessert – you have to honor the name!

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