Best Arabic Food Restaurants in the UAE

Over the years, the UAE has adapted to many western practices in its development of the modern metropolis that it is today. From shopping malls to skyscrapers, and even restaurants – but, it has also developed practices from around the Middle East. Going out for a meal is an activity everyone enjoys doing, whether with friends or family and even by themselves! We at The Modern East have compiled a list of the top Arabic food restaurants in the UAE inspired by places all around the Middle East. Check them out!


To have the full Middle Eastern experience, ZouZou, located in La Mer by Meraas, is a must-try restaurant. ZouZou is a Lebanese & Turkish cuisine, that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a luminous and vibrant ambiance that is further enhanced by providing guests with outdoor seating with a view of the ocean. From their ZouZou Mix platter to Hummus, to Fried Calamari, and of course, for dessert, baklava ice cream, and Turkish tea, it is definitely an experience you do not want to miss out on!

Sardina Seafood Restaurant

Seafood – a beloved food in the Arab region for its history in maritime and tradition of fishing. Sardina Seafood Restaurant located on Jumeirah Road is exquisitely excellent in its preparation and style of dish. They are not your typical seafood restaurant! At Sardina Seafood you can have your regular seafood dish prepared in a number of ways. Playing with different cooking styles as well as experimenting with their long list of ingredients, spices, and herbs, Sardina is the place to go for a unique seafood experience. 

Bab Al Mansour

Other great restaurants in Dubai come from the North African region, and they’re absolutely delicious! Bab Al Mansour’s heritage and magnificence are created in reflection of its namesake, the Arab world’s most significant historical landmark built in the city of Meknes. The food at Bab Al Mansour maintains the use of traditional recipes using over 70 organic Moroccan ingredients – try them out!

Hadoota Masreya


In the mood for an Egyptian buffet? Hadoota Masreya is the place to go! Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Hadoota Masreya is both a café and a restaurant that accommodates all of its visitors from food, to shisha, and table games! From koshary, to mombar, this restaurant will satisfy all of your cravings – especially if you are homesick! We absolutely love the atmosphere and the service – don’t forget to get some dessert on your way out!

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