Cool Facts About The UAE

Alright, so you love the UAE and can’t imagine calling anywhere else in the world home. You can recite all 7 Emirates in less time than it takes most people to recite their phone number, and you know the national symbol is the falcon. But there might just be some cool facts out there about the UAE that you don’t know yet. Read on to see if we can teach yah something new.

One Big Melting Pot

It’s no news that the UAE is an absolute melting pot of cultures and nationalities. You may know that many people who call the UAE home are expats, but did you know it’s been estimated that up to 80-87% of the population is thought to fall into that category?

Bring On The Tourists

Tourism has become a big deal in the UAE. The most popular spot among visitors is Dubai. In fact, in 2018, international overnight guests to Dubai spent roughly AED 113 billion. The number of tourists traveling to the UAE has steadily grown over the years. It’s hoped that 2020 will see some 20 million visitors.

Sparkling Clean

Alright, so we’re sure you already know that the UAE is home to the world’s tallest building. But, did you ever stop to think about what it takes to keep the Burj Khalifa clean? Well, just to keep the glass facade clean, it takes a crew of around 40 people three months to make sure everything is squeaky clean. Once the job is complete, guess what? Time to start all over again. Think you could do it? Watch this.

So Flashy

The police of Dubai are likely the envy of all other police forces in the world. Why? Well, you’ve seen their rides! The authorities here ride in style, with over a dozen exotic luxury cars at their disposal. If you’ve ever wanted to drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or a Bugatti, consider joining the force. The fastest car in the police’s super car arsenal is the Veyron, which can reach speeds of up to 407km/h.


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