Simple Ways To Boost Your Immunity

With the current state of coronavirus panic, it’s important to remain both cautious and level-headed as we go about our everyday lives. The most sensible approach is to be aware of your health and those around you, and to focus on keeping your immunity up while staying as healthy as you can. Here are a few things to focus on.


Probably one of the most important ones; a healthy dose of sleep is one of the best ways to keep yourself in good health – ideally eight hours of sleep a night to recharge your batteries. Studies suggest that a lack of quality sleep can make you more susceptible to picking up colds and viruses, also affecting your recovery rate. So, get to bed earlier!


Our diet plays a huge factor in our overall wellbeing, so we want to feed our bodies with healthy, wholesome foods – a varied diet of fibre-rich foods to keep your gut moving and your system working smoothly. Have a chat with a nutritionist if you need some guidance.


Physical activity is a must. Not only does it boost your mood, it also increases blood flow around the body, and therefore an increase in the flow of white blood cells, which help to target pathogens in the body. You want to get your heart rate up, work on your aerobic activity to make this effective.

Vitamin D

Some studies suggest that vitamin D can help to reduce the effects of respiratory infections, and potentially help combat colds and viruses. So, make the most of the sunshine we get over here and get outdoors while the weather is so pleasant!


There is a key element of being mindful and sensible in general, of taking a positive stance on a situation and taking precautions where necessary. Be mindful of the current situation, but also don’t overthink it to the point where panic sets in and stops you from living your life.


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