How Well Do Gummy Vitamins Work?

The hardest part of taking daily vitamins for most people is taking them. For many people, taking vitamins (in pill form) is not a pleasurable experience. For starters, many vitamin supplement pills tend to be large and for some causes anxiety when swallowing. Additionally, when taking pill vitamins you can usually smell and/or taste them which as you may imagine is offputting.Luckily, if you’re not a fan of vitamin pills, gummy vitamins are a great alternative—or are they?

Many people, including myself, are wowed by how tasting gummy vitamins are while offering the same nutritional benefits. Even with the small sugar content, many people still prefer to take gummy vitamins over pill supplements any day of the week. With all of that being said, we must ask if gummy vitamins are as effective as regular pill vitamin supplements. According to some experts, gummy vitamins contain just as much nutritional value as pill supplements, however, it’s a few things you should keep in mind when purchasing and taking gummy vitamins.

Always read the label before purchasing gummy vitamins.

To ensure you’re getting the same nutritional value as regular vitamins read the nutritional facts to know exactly what you’re getting in your vitamins. Make sure they’re up to par with what you’d get in pill form.

Take only the recommended daily value.

Although it may be tempting to take more than the daily recommended dose of your tasty gummy vitamins, don’t! It’s a waste and you may have adverse reactions to it (such as skin breakouts).

Keep away from children.

Vitamin gummies look and taste like candy so make sure to keep out of the reach of children.

Store in a cool or room temperature place.

When overheated, gummy vitamins can potentially melt and become one big glob of vitamins. To avoid this, keep them stored somewhere they can’t melt such as a medicine cabinet or anywhere out of the sun.

If you’re on a no/low sugar diet, consider skipping gummy vitamins altogether.

Though most gummy vitamins have a very small amount of sugar, if you have a restricted diet that requires you to limit your sugar intake, consider not taking gummy vitamins or consulting with your physician first!


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