Hygge-inspired Coziness Hacks

If you’ve never heard of hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), then I don’t blame you. Let me explain. Hygge is a Danish concept of “cozy contentment” and of enjoying little things that make you happy! With hygge, coziness is much more than a description of the environment around you; coziness comes from how you live your life.  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to get themselves some of that so, in this article, I will share just a few tips on how to bring a little hygge into your life.


If you really want to experience hygge, then having the right lighting is a must! Always go for warmer lamps and candles to make your lighting environment as cozy as possible.

Soft Furniture

If you to maximise the coziness in your life, then having a comfy sofa or a super cozy bed is a must! Step up your game, though, and get yourself a nice warm blanket made from natural materials like wool.

Invite Friends

As I already said, hygge isn’t just about the room around you, it’s about how you spend your time there. Sharing your time and space with a small group of close friends is said to be key to bringing you the contentment that hygge can offer.

Reflect on Your Work-Life Balance

If you really want to experience cozy contentment, then you will have to definitely set some boundaries around how much your work comes into the rest of your life. How can you truly be cozy at home if you spend your time stressing and talking about work? If you can, set a rule: no work at home!

Enjoy Your Free Time!

Perhaps the biggest key to achieving hygge is to enjoy your spare time! Whether you want to lie in bed for an extra hour or five, go sweat it out at the gym, watch some Netflix, or climb a mountain, appreciating the things you love is crucial to enjoy the ultimate cozy contentment, Scandinavian style.


Omaya Michelle

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