Things To Do When You Need A Break

Life definitely comes with those moments when you just need to walk away for a sec. Sometimes you need a break from a frustrating project, some work that is making you go cross-eyed, or when you’re feeling generally frazzled or burnt out. Next time you’re feeling super tense and like you need to escape for a bit, here’s some things you can try.


Whether you need to stop obsessing over a deadline, or are feeling like you need a break from social media, the best thing you can do is unplug for a bit. Shut off your screens. Avoid your phone and your laptop for awhile. Just go electronics dark. Recenter. Regroup.

Go For A Walk

Sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away, literally. If a situation,space, or person has you feeling overtaxed and claustrophobic, get outta there. Flee the scene! Walking has an uncanny way of clearing our minds and the sights along the way offer a nice distraction.

Do Something You Find Relaxing

In today’s busy world, we sometimes don’t allow ourselves to truly relax. Identify an activity that you find puts you in a zen mood and do it. Meditate. Color. Play with your pet. Listen to music. Go for a stroll along the beach. Finding your inner peace for a few will allow you to return recharged.

Go Be Social For A Few

Touching base with friends can be a great way to give yourself a little downtime. Text someone you haven’t for awhile and see what they’re up to. Send a gif that will make your bestie chuckle. You could even walk around the office and talk with a few of your favorite co-workers.

Go Grab A Coffee Or A Snack

Food and drinks can be immensely comforting. The term “brain food” exists for a reason, right? If you’re wound up super right, or suddenly have to ask yourself “when was the last time I ate?”, you should probably stop what you’re doing and go grab something.

Take a Vacation, Or Plan One

We all wish we could just jet off whenever we feel like we need a break. If you’re able to go on vacation, do it! If not, why not plan one? Plan a real one. Plan a bucket list one. Plan an imaginary one you would take if money were no object. Escapism can be a wonderful tool.


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