Terms & Conditions

I’m not the first – and won’t be the last – to make the joke that the biggest lie in history is “yes, I have read the terms and conditions”. Let’s be honest, none of us do! Yet, isn’t it strange that we all go around every day making lots of contracts with people we don’t know with terms we know nothing about. I’m not telling you to go and read everything you’ve signed up to; studies have shown that would take up to 50 years! Instead, let me show you just a few you should look out for when you next click that little box.

Your Location

Almost every major app or website you use asks for location access. In their terms, they will tell you how they use this information and one thing always pops up: advertising! If you’d rather that big corporations didn’t track your every move to make you spend more the you can usually stop this feature without impacting the service!

Guarantees & Returns

Every online store seems to offer a return or guarantee policy these days! However, when you are going to pay more for cover, always make sure you read the small print. Many policies don’t cover the things which are the reason you are buying them (accidental damage or wear and tear!), making them a waste of money! The terms will also always tell you which laws cover your sale; try and stick to home country or one with laws which suit the buyer (such as the UK).

Anything Weird

If you think there’s not much to see or that all T’s and C’s are boring, then let me share some real-life ones that people actually agreed to! People signing onto a public WiFi service in London did so by agreeing “assign their first-born child to us for the duration of eternity”. Even funnier, an online game shop let shoppers agree to a term that gave the company claim to their “immortal soul”. Although both these were just a joke, there is a lesson: sometimes it’s okay to have a quick scroll through the T’s and C’s!


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