Working From Home 101

With the threat of becoming a stay-at-home society by force, mastering the art of working from home is going to be essential. Working from home means no physical colleagues, no way to exchange with others verbally, no coffee catchups in the pantry and nobody to make sure you are sitting still at your desk. In short, working from home means many temptations not to do any work and a potential lonely environment. How do we make sure to remain performant in our job when the setup changes so drastically? How do we ensure our quality of work remains unchanged in the goal to maybe negotiate a work from home more often? Here are 4 tips on how to make work from home, work.

1. Stick to a schedule

Make sure to wake up at your regular time and keep up the same routine minus the commute. Staying in your pyjamas is going to feel great at first, but down the line you could let yourself go completely and it is hard to come back from this. Looking at your daily tasks and setting up an agenda can be very effective too. Dedicate one hour to a project then another and so on. This is your opportunity to become very organized without interruption from others in the open space.

2. Equip yourself

With the lack of direct communication in the office, having the right tools to communicate is essential. Think project management tools, task trackers such as Trello for instance. But also think about real-time video conference apps: Zoom, Join me, Skype for Business.

3. Do not get distracted

Try to find a quiet space with little distraction around. Music, other people, TV…and food! Do not overeat because you have a direct access to your kitchen…

4. Pick up the phone

It is easy to assume others aren’t working or to misunderstand the tone of an email. Don’t assume and pick up the phone straight away to clarify situations.


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