Discover Me: 5 Underrated Cities To Visit!

If you ask anyone for advice on where to travel, chances are they’ll list a few of the same old places – London, Paris, New York, Rome, Amsterdam. Now, I am not saying that these aren’t incredible cities that you shouldn’t visit but, if you’re looking for something a bit different the next time you travel, then maybe consider some of my favourite underrated cities!

Riga, Latvia

The capital of Latvia, this city seems to have it all; from its gothic spires and historic museums to its charming art nouveau design and hip venues. The city seamlessly blends old and new and is sure to charm you all year round!

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz holds the record as the world’s highest capital city, seated high in the Andes mountains. Don’t let that put you off though, as the city has loads to keep you wanting to explore. The highlight may be the witches’ market, where you can even buy a real-life beauty potion!

Nara, Japan

You probably didn’t know that Nara was actually Japan’s first capital, but the city still has plenty to make it a hugely underrated travel destination. With the world’s olding surviving wooden buildings and a city park home to healthy population of wild deer, there’s more than enough to keep you intrigued.

Bucharest, Romania

Romania’s capital may not be the most obvious travel destination, but there is much to do! You can spend the morning visiting Dracula’s Castle and catch a concert at night in the stunning Romania Athenaeum. Walks around the city are never boring when you can explore the strange mix of classical, Soviet, and traditional Romania architecture.

Matera, Italy

The extremely historic city of Matera, in southern Italy will delight with its history and boutique hotels! Walking around, it’s hard to not be enchanted by its narrow streets, baroque design, extensive views of the countryside, or even cave houses! If you can’t make it here anytime soon then don’t worry, you will see it in all its glory in the upcoming James Bond movie!

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