8 Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery

Courtney Cox

Known and loved for her role as Monica from the hit series Friends, Courtney Cox was one of the IT girls of the late nineties and early 2000s. Everyone who watched the show saw her as a fashion icon, and viewers related to her struggles.

Cox has admitted to having fillers in her face and has said that she since regretted her decision. The actresses face was noticeably changed for many years, and she decided to get her fillers dissolved to look more like herself.


Megan Fox

When the starlet first appeared in the Transformers movies, Megan was automatically pushed to the spotlight for her breathtaking beauty. At the time she was only 23 years old and just starting her Hollywood career.

By 2010, however, her look started to change dramatically. Megan’s face looks unnaturally lifted and some say her lips seem larger. While Megan has never admitted to getting the surgery, we can’t tell if the change in her look is just plain old ageing, or whether she’s had some work done.


Kylie Jenner

The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner family, Kylie remained relatively shielded from the public eye for her childhood, however things changed drastically when she hit the age of 16.

At this time, rumors started to spread that Kylie had gotten lip fillers and injections, augmenting the size of her lips. While there was no doubt that she had done it from an aesthetic perspective, Kylie continued to deny it until she finally admitted the surgery to her fans. She had since said she got the injections dissolved.


Jennifer Aniston

Another beloved Friends actress, Jennifer Aniston was always admired on the show for her cute appearance, outfits and lovable character. Until today her career has continued to thrive, and she is considered a household name.

While Jennifer has no doubt aged gracefully, she had in the past altered the appearance of her nose as part of a deviated septum surgery.  In fact, her nose was so popular that for many years she was used by many as nose-job-inspiration.


Lindsay Lohan

Appearing in shows and movies since forever, Lindsay Lohan has always fascinated us as we watched her grow up. Similar to many child actors, her childhood has been tumultuous and rigorously judged by media outlets.

Over the years, Lindsay has undergone a cocktail of different surgeries and non-surgical treatments. Plastic surgery experts reckon she has had filler put in her face, lip injections, as well as botox.


Scarlett Johannson

Referring to Scarlett Johanson as one of Hollywood’s sweethearts is no exaggeration. Not only so but she truly is a style chameleon sporting everything from platinum blonde to a rich auburn and we’ve loved it all!

While she has firmly denied having undergone a rhinoplasty surgery, Scarlett’s nose seems to have changed over the years. This being said though the change has been very subtle and if she has one, her plastic surgeon is very skilled. Either way, Scarlett was also beautiful in her youth, so maybe she’s just ageing very, very gracefully.


Khloe Kardashian

Long considered an outcast of the Kardashian clan, Koko has really made a name for herself in recent years. She has not only wowed many with her physical transformation but has also started undertaking a few of her own entrepreneurial projects.

When it comes to surgery and altering her appearance Khloe’s transformation is staggering. She herself has admitted to having taking fillers and injections too far and then getting them dissolved. What we know for sure is that since the show first aired, Khloe has completely changed her look.

Blake Lively

The perfect girl-next-door, anyone who watched gossip girl had a love-hate relationship with the actress. However just like her character Serena, Lively is a style and fashion icon in real life.

There is much debate regarding whether she has or has not gotten her nose altered, however looking at her before and after pictures, it’s a little hard to believe that she has made no changes. However, although her nose appears slimmer in recent year, it goes without saying that Blake has always been stunning.


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