Dubai-Based Fashion Brand: QuiteSimple Clothing

We at The Modern East are definitely fashion lovers – which is why it is a pleasure for us to present this Dubai-based fashion brand to you that we are absolutely obsessed with! From the concept behind the brand to the pieces – QuiteSimple Clothing, as their slogan states, is for those who seek comfort and quality over anything. Founded by 22-year-old Alia Eissa and her Co-Founder Nawal Amro, the brand is slowly flourishing in the region. Made of 100% Cotton to ensure premium comfort and a distinct focus on details, all the brands’ clothes have carefully embroidered designs on them giving them a unique look and feel and allowing them to stand out amongst many. Are you a street-style comfort lover? Keep reading to learn more about QuiteSimple Clothing and get exclusive insight from Alia Eissa herself!

Inspiration and the Birth of QuiteSimple Clothing

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Like many of us, growing up, Alia Eissa, founder of QuiteSimple clothing struggled to wrap her head around a certain career she wanted to pursue. Wanting to venture into several industries, the now entrepreneur and business owner did not want to restrict herself to a certain niche. Due to the unfortunate circumstances, the last year has had on us, Alia realized she had a lot of free time on her hands so she began thinking of different things she could do with it ultimately concluding that she should start her own business! “The idea of starting my own clothing line came to me randomly,” she tells us, “I pitched the idea to my family and my co-founder Nawal, and we just went for it.”

But why a clothing line? Growing up, Alia showed an interest in fashion from a young age. “I was always fascinated by fashion & clothes,” she says, “When I was young, I would watch fashion runways and try to sketch dresses & clothing items that I would want to wear. I remember when growing up, I would always play dress up and to be honest I still do this till this day so the passion for it has been there all along.”

Struggling with her own sense of style and trying to find herself through her fashion, Alia realized that what she truly sought was comfort and simplicity when it came to clothes. “It took me years to finally realize that this is who I am and therefore whatever I wear represents me, as my personality as Alia,” she explains. With this realization, it was clear that many others looked for the same things when it came to their style, hence another motivational factor to birth the brand.

All About QuiteSimple Clothing

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Before its development into the online fashion store that it is today, QuiteSimple was just a fashion blog on Instagram that founders Alia and Nawal started together after realizing their mutual passion. Once lockdown finally came to an end, the pair decided to bring QuiteSimple to life and initially began to post different outfits on models that they had recruited wearing outfits that they would pick out for them – an inner child stylist’s dress-up dream! The founders did have the goal to start their own clothing line 2-3 years down the line, but the tenacity just couldn’t hold them back. “I kept thinking of ways to just make it happen,” Alia tells us, “After days of brainstorming and planning we decided to take QuiteSimple Blog to QuiteSimple clothing.”

The motive of the brand is to create clothing items that make people look good and feel good. It is about the comfort you get from wearing the clothes, the confidence, and the sense of belonging. “Our top priority is our quality and that is what makes us stand out in the market,” Alia tells us, “We are targeting people who appreciate simplicity and seek comfort and quality when it comes to their sense of style. However, our brand is very inclusive, offering unisex products that would be essential in anyone’s wardrobe for whatever occasion.”

Accolades and Looking Ahead

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Since the establishment of QuiteSimple clothing, they have had a lot of success in sales. “We were sold out of our Summer collection in the first 3 weeks of our release!” Alia says. Not only that, but the brand has also had the opportunity to have its own pop-up store back in July which was a huge success. Achieving goals set in stone for the future sooner than expected, the brand now also provides international shipping to customers worldwide and has also recently signed a contract with a very well-known brand to collaborate with them and have their collections displayed in their store at all times! We can’t wait to see what more there is to come – you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.

It doesn’t stop there! The brand has a lot planned for the future “We want to expand our collections. We want to grow more as a brand, and hopefully, build a team of creative and driven individuals that share the same vision as us,” Alia tells us, “Our vision is to have a positive impact on people’s lives when it comes to fashion and to change the perception of how people view simple clothes. We only just started 5 months ago so we have a lot more that we want to achieve.”

We can definitely expect a lot from QuiteSimple Clothing – from a new collection in the making with a variety of sizes incorporating inclusivity, as well as new colors and unisex options too!

Shop QuiteSimple Clothing directly on their website now and follow them on Instagram to stay tuned for new drops and other exciting news.


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