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What Remains is a newborn local fashion brand that came to life through three childhood friends Ayman Eltoum, Mehmet Kayali, and Mohammad Bin Khatam. The Brand is all about creativity, modernity, and simplicity in design looking towards building a community that welcomes people who view fashion as a way of self-expression and would be intrigued to be a part of a unique and exclusive concept. With collections named after chapters to convey the idea of telling your story, What Remains experienced great feedback and success with their initial launch, and customers have been eagerly waiting for Chapter 2 – and good news, it is finally here!

What Remains, Chapter 2: My Inner Child

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My Inner Child is What Remains’ Summer 2021 collection with the self-fulfilling message that creativity starts at youth. “The main message behind the collection is to free your inner child,” Ayman Eltoum tells us, “Developing a powerful fashion brand requires a lot of creativity, and we, as humans, begin to develop our creative side at a very young age. This is why we think that the perfect way to start the story is by going back in time to connect with our beginnings and our childhood. We think that it is very important for every person to stay connected to their inner child.”

But why? Ayman explains that there are several reasons behind the inspiration for this chapter of the brand, some of which include increasing self-awareness, boosting creativity, helping heal childhood trauma or appreciating a peaceful childhood, and more! “Any accomplishment that we make, we owe a huge portion of it to our inner child. Our inner child is the dreamer within us, it’s the voice that screams “anything is possible”,” Ayman says.

What to Look Forward to

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The collection will consist of pieces that reflect the theme through different aspects of their design such as color choice, prints, and cuts. Check them out below!

 Piece #1: My Imaginary Friend T-Shirt

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Design: This unisex cantaloupe orange t-shirt features the what remains logo on the front and a print that reads “My imaginary friend says I’ll be star one day” written in a child-like handwriting with a puffy red star symbol above the word star. Orange is considered a color that inspires creativity and enthusiasm which makes perfect sense for this piece. The star is red to enforce the brand identity since it is the brand’s main color.

Inspo: We’ve all had imaginary friends. These imaginary friends could either be creatures that are a product of our imagination, or they could be in the form of toys, drawings, etc. As kids, we tend to develop a strong bond with our imaginary friends because in their presence we find ourselves transported into a perfect world, a world of creativity, fantasy, and imagination. The message that this t-shirt carries is that you should listen to your imaginary friend, who is your inner child pushing you to pursue your dreams and become a star at what you do.

Piece #2: Paper Planes T-Shirt

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Design: The t-shirt features aqua green and white horizontal stripes with the What Remains logo centered on the chest. Additionally, the back has a cartoon font print in dark pink that reads “Let’s fly paper planes together” with a puffy black paper plane drawing.

Inspo: Cartoons played a huge role in our development and growth, so it was important to integrate a cartoonish aspect in the design. Also, many people enjoyed creating paper planes and drawing on them when they were younger. The t-shirt urges people to go build that paper plane and fly it around, which is an indirect way of saying “free your inner child and you will fly towards your dreams and aspirations”.

Piece #3: Modern Era Crop Top

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Design: Jordy Blue oversized crop top with butterfly-shaped cotton lace collar and an embroidered what remains logo.

Inspo: This design is inspired by the attire of kids in the modern era (1500-1950s). The cotton lace collar was a prominent design amongst kids’ clothing during that period of time, and it is the standout feature of this piece.

“We are looking forward to hearing childhood stories from the members of our community. We can’t wait for them to share memories and items from their childhood that mean a lot to them and have an impact on their adulthood and where they want to be in life,” Ayman says.

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