Our Favorite Halloween Looks by UAE-Based MUAs

Happy Halloween! It’s one of our favorite times of the year and we’re here to celebrate. For today’s frightening feature, we, at The Modern East, have compiled a list of some of the creepiest Halloween makeup looks that we absolutely love from none other than our favorite UAE-Based MUAs. Do you recognize anyone from your For You Page? We sure do! Keep reading to discover some of our local talents in the beauty community and check out their spooky looks right here.


Bulgarian makeup artist and businesswoman, Emiliya Ninova, or better known by her online following as Foxxy absolutely killed it this Halloween with her busted doll look!


Bahraini-born, Dubai-Based, and well-loved makeup artist Yara Ayoub, AKA Yarziezz absolutely killed it with her rendition of the Devil this Halloween and in suitable honor of her 666th post too! From the rhinestones to the horns, and of course, the matching nails. We love it!


UAE-Based makeup artist Sajjar Imran takes her spin on Jared Leto’s Joker, and we’re obsessed with the glossy lip! We’ve seen a lot of renditions of The Joker, but we must say, Sajjar’s is one of our favorites.


Primary teacher by day, hair and makeup artist by night, 23-year-old UAE-based MUA, Neluni Anuradha kicks off her Halloween with this gorgeous, yet creepy look inspired by the Venom movies. We are obsessed with the attention to detail on the eyes!


21-year-old UAE-based makeup artist, Hamza Ahmed did so many Halloween looks this year we definitely had a tough time picking a favorite, but we couldn’t get enough of his Freddy Krueger look from the Nightmare on Elm Street film series. From the detail in the makeup all the way down to the knives, he did it all!


Libyan makeup artist, Shada Zaroug, or better known as babyvampbeauty online looks stunning in her Galaxy Queen look this Halloween! Shada created her character “Cassiopeia” through her creativity and passion for the art of makeup.

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