Introducing Nelly George: UAE-Based MUA

We, at The Modern East, love introducing local talent to you all, and for today’s feature, we have none other than 19-year-old Sudanese Makeup artist and Model, Nelly George Michail – or better known as Nelly George on her social media platforms. If you love supporting UAE-based creators like we do, keep reading to learn all about Nelly, where her inspiration stems from, her use of social media for self-expression, and more!

How it All Began

Credits: Instagram (@nellygeorgee)

Growing up becoming more and more inclined towards makeup through her passion for the art, Nelly found herself gravitating towards the beauty industry more every single day! The makeup artist began to take inspiration from her surroundings in order to embark on her journey of creativity and used her face as a canvas in the process. “My inspiration stems from what I feel and what I think, and also from nature and just about anything around me,” the makeup artist tells us.

Self-Expression Through Social Media

Credits: Instagram (@nellygeorgee)

Using social media to advocate for the representation of all the ways makeup can be worn, Nelly also uses these platforms to express herself and to motivate other aspiring artists. “I use social media as my outlet because I want to reach every single person who wants motivation to start and become successful,” she tells us, “Makeup can be represented in many different ways and as a means to express yourself”.

Like many of us, Nelly uses makeup as a form or self-expression with a style that is limitless. Through trying out new techniques and tends to show her emotions and personality, Nelly pushes the boundaries in terms of creativity and makeup artistry as a whole. “Sometimes I do colorful makeup from something as simple to showing people how I felt about my day to something as deep as sending a message to the world through it.” 

Accolades and Looking Ahead

Credits: Instagram (@nellygeorgee)

From boosting her self-confidence to working with prominent makeup and skincare brands, and making ever-lasting friendships and connections within the industry, Nelly hopes to get noticed more and more through her makeup artistry by brands all over the world while sharing her message. “I want everyone to know the importance of love and self-acceptance for who you are with or without makeup”.

Don’t forget to follow Nelly on her Instagram and TikTok platforms to keep up with her journey into the world of makeup.

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