Visit: Dubai Spice Souk!

The Dubai Souk is one of the UAE’s oldest, yet, still, most popular attractions for tourists who want to experience the timeworn atmosphere in one of Dubai’s most historic landmarks. It is also the ultimate destination for residents who want to spice up their meals, create DIY home remedies for illnesses, and even buy natural dye for their clothing or hair. The Spice Souk is located in the northern part of Dubai near the old fisherman’s village and is an extension of the Gold Souk. It is a beautiful landmark showcasing the UAE’s culture and heritage, while the vibrant colors of the spices illuminate the old village’s architecture and ambience, and the building and location manifest, as well as, display a unique antiquated aesthetic — all of which intrigue visitors to get a closer look into the historical side of what they may consider home — now, a modern metropolis.

Antiquated entrance at the Dubai Spice souk with an old sign and staircase leading up to the old UAE styled minaret.

Exhibition of spices when entering the Dubai Spice Souk. Spices are assorted in clear plastic bags for visitors to look at outside of the main shops.

Outside of the Dubai Spice Souk, bags of spices from countries ranging from India, to Iran, to Turkey, and more are being imported into the location to be assorted and distributed to the several shops inside.

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