Hidden Gem Tourism: Trento, Italy

Quiet, gorgeous, and scenic Trento, Italy should be a place on every traveler’s radar. Situated in Northern Italy, there is something here to appeal to every type of traveler. There’s soaring mountains, plenty of old-world charm, history, and so much of the city looks like a postcard. It’s a place that you could happily get lost just strolling around in. Let’s explore some of what this stunning city has to offer.

Castello del Buonconsiglio

When visiting Trento, it’s kind of hard to miss the sprawling 13th century castle located a stone’s throw from the city square. When it was first built, it served as an important fortification offering views of the roads that led to Germany. Today, it houses two museums, boasts gorgeous frescoes dating back to the Middle Ages, and is able to be toured. Due to its immense size and age, some modern additions have been added to keep the structure sound. It is open all week, except for Mondays, and is considered an absolute must-see.

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Ride The Sardagna Cable Car For Stunning Views

While Trento is plenty gorgeous at ground level, taking a ride via cable car up the mountain will yield incredible views. For a small fee, hop on and take a quick trip up Mount Bondone, which is 600 meters above sea level. Here you’ll find not only the very quaint town of Sardagna, but some seriously killer views on Trento. There’s a viewing platform where you’ll be able to overlook the city, the river, and all of the surrounding valley. Sunset is a particularly picturesque time to visit.

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Visit The Underground Ruins of Roman Tridentum

Beneath the cobblestone streets of Trento, there lies the remains of an ancient Roman city which has since been buried. You can actually view parts of the excavations which have uncovered parts of houses, workshops, and stone-paved streets which have remained incredibly intact. While the excavated areas aren’t exactly “huge”, they are really neat to see and well worth a visit.

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Muse At The MUSE

The Museum of Natural Science (MUSE) is a sure stand-out with its highly modern facade. Inside you’ll find a treasure trove of interesting exhibits, many of which are interactive. The museum focuses heavily on the natural environment of the local region. We’re talking everything from fossils to avalanches to the local flora and fauna. It’s definitely not your typical, “stuffy” museum and is a lot of fun.

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Old Town And Piazza Del Duomo

As with any city with this much history, you gotta seek out Old Town during your visit. Here you’ll find lovely pedestrian streets, replete with colorful buildings, charming cafes with outdoor seating, and sweet little shops. You can marvel at the gorgeous old architecture and just breathe for awhile. Make sure you eventually meander down to Piazza Del Duomo to see the Neptune Fountain. Sadly, the original was damaged over the years and removed. But, the current fountain is a gorgeous replica and definitely a photo-op spot.

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