Hidden Gem Travel: Slovenia

Looking for a European getaway that is a bit off the beaten trail? Well, Slovenia has got you covered, gurrrl! The country is located in Central Europe, and for some reason, isn’t a hugely popular tourist destination. It’s kind of a head-scratcher as to why the secret is not completely out when it comes to Slovenia, because this place is gorgeous. There is copious amounts of natural beauty, history, and culture to dive right into. There’s lakes, there’s gorges, there’s cities full of Old World Charm, there’s the Adriatic Sea! Take a look at some of these must-see spots in Slovenia and tell us you don’t want to be there already.

Those Lovely Lakes

Slovenia is home to a number of breath-taking lakes where you can swim, boat, and just get out on the water. Lake Bled is perhaps the most popular, as it literally looks like something out of a painting. It’s tucked away in the Alps, and every bit of its surroundings are nothing short of jaw-dropping. There’s also Lake Jansa, a popular summer swimming spot, and also spell-bindingly beautiful. Still not enough lake time for you, try lovely Lake Bohinj to make for a perfect trifecta.

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Hit The Town

Slovenia also boasts some really charming towns and cities. You’ll of course want to hit up scenic Ljubana. It is the capital city, and is totally worth taking a day to explore. The architecture is lovely and colorful and there is a plethora of tasty places to grab a bite to eat. Keep an eye out for the city’s dragons, which are used often as decorative pieces. Also not to be missed is the scenic Piran, which is situated right on the Adriatic Sea. We’re talking gorgeous Medieval city vibes, with tons of great seafood restaurants. Then, take a quick drive on over to another small coastal city, Koper, for some excellent shopping.

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Slovenia offers so many opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. The country is home to quite a few beautiful gorges that you can do some hiking through. Top pick here goes to Vintgar Gorge, which is described by many visitors as “magical”. There are over 1.6 km of boardwalks to traverse, which criss-cross over the Radovna River. It’s an easy walk, so no worries about skill-level here. Additionally there’sTolmin Gorge, which tends to be a little less busy. There’s also the added bonus of a suspension bridge that is perched high above the gorge, for the thrill seekers.

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