Introducing Sajjar: Dubai-Based MUA

We, at The Modern East, love introducing local talent to you all, and for today’s feature, we have none other than the 21-year-old small Dubai-based makeup artist and content creator, Sajjar Imran! Apart from working as a customer success executive whilst pursuing her bachelor’s degree as a business management student in Middlesex University, Dubai, the young makeup lover is pursuing her passion for the craft on the side and trying to make a name for herself in Dubai’s beauty industry. If you love supporting small creators like we do, keep reading to learn all about Sajjar, where her inspiration stems from, and more!

How it All Began

Credits: Instagram (@sajjarx)

Sajjar’s inspiration for makeup stemmed at a very young age, “If I remember correctly, I was already obsessed with nail art and colorful eyeshadows since I was 8 years old,” she tells us, “Thanks to my mom’s best friend who had all these beautiful eyeshadows and nail polishes in every color imaginable. I would find myself sitting at her dresser all day every time we visited her!” She then began to gift Sajjar small makeup kits every year for my birthday which led her to start watching YouTube videos and play around with them at only 12 years old!

The passion for makeup manifested itself at a very young age and Sajjar has continued to pursue it in her adult years making it a hobby on social media through content creation! With a perfect base and focus on the eyes, Sajjar’s style of beauty is captivating. Even more so now that the aspiring makeup artist has decided to branch out and start focusing on the importance of detail in her creativity. “Not only does it help me learn different styles and tips and tricks and be more creative, but it makes me realize that I am capable of things I personally think I am not capable of and gives me a sense of hope and clarity within myself,” she says.

Social Media and Self-Confidence

Credits: Instagram (@sajjarx)

For many, social media is used as a means of self-expression for any and every kind of art form prominent in this day and age – Sajjar is no stranger to this. Through tenacity and drive, the makeup artist is slowly amassing a number of followers admiring her art and with hopes to express themselves too. “I remember originally posting Halloween looks on Instagram when I was around 18,” She tells us, “However, I felt that I was a bit too young to have a public persona and it was something I should not be focusing on which led me to make my account private up until Covid hit and we went into lockdown when I was 20!”

Sajjar then decided to try to give it another go due to the fact that, like many of us, she had time on her hands. “Once I started posting slowly but surely, I found myself not being able to stop especially since my followers and friends had shown so much support as well and I felt as though I was genuinely able to express myself and my art through Instagram and not be judged for it and apart from receiving so much love and support till this day,” she says.

Since her venture into the world of content creation through social media, not only did Sajjar receive support from her friends, but she also made more friends with similar interests along the way and sparked her realization of how much she truly enjoyed makeup and expressing herself through the art – but not only that. She also experienced a boost in her self-confidence too! “When I go back and look at pictures of my art from 2018 I can genuinely feel the lack of confidence and love for my art within those pictures, and if I look at my work now it’s the opposite,” she explains, “I believe my friends and followers can see it too because I genuinely love the work I put out and appreciate the effort I’ve put into a look as well and I think the fact that I have come to terms with ME being happy with my work and loving my work has helped a lot in my confidence.”

Looking Ahead

Credits: Instagram (@sajjarx)

For the future, Sajjar has high hopes that she is able to continue to express her love for makeup more creatively and is able to reach out to a bigger audience and spread a message of Self-love and expression of art. “I want to help people realize that wearing makeup is an art within itself and it doesn’t matter who likes what you do and who doesn’t because at the end of the day all that matters is if YOU love what you do and appreciate the time and effort you put into yourself,” she says, “Makeup or no makeup, everyone is equally as beautiful and has so much more to offer and we all should do what makes US happy and put ourselves before anyone else and learn to love ourselves and everything we have to offer.”

Beauty lovers – don’t forget to follow Sajjar on her Instagram and TikTok platforms now to keep up with her journey into the world of makeup!

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