Introducing Judy Hussami: Dubai-Based MUA

We, at The Modern East, love introducing local talent to you all, and for today’s feature, we have none other than small Dubai-based creator, Judy Hussami! At only 16 years old, Judy has gained a following online through creating unique makeup videos through her passion for the Art. Growing up always taking an interest in drawing and painting, Judy slowly transitioned into the makeup world through her passion, tenacity and talent allowing her to expand her artistry and self-expression from a canvas to her own face! Want to learn more about the young talent? Keep reading to hear from Judy herself and her journey into the art of makeup!

Inspirations and how it all Began

Credits: Instagram (@Judyhussamiii)

Judy’s inspiration for makeup stems from her love for art and her need for self-expression. “I’ve always been interested in drawing and using colors to create different artworks and being able to express myself through my craft,” the young artist tells us, “So, one day I decided to try out makeup and experiment with different techniques, from that point onwards I immediately knew that I had a love for makeup.”

Defying stereotypes that makeup should only be used for correction, enhancement, and even glamour, Judy exhibits the true creativity behind the art form and its multiple purposes. “My style of beauty is important to me because it defies the intangible rules written for makeup. It allows me to be free and create crazy looks on my face that I love. Creative makeup allows me to have my own unique personality that was not sculpted by society, she tells us.”

Her drive and passion for makeup artistry have allowed Judy not only to express herself but also to turn herself into different personas of who she wanted to become. “It has helped me tremendously on my journey of self-discovery and being able to accept my personal way of portraying myself to the world through something I’m passionate about – makeup!”

Self-Expression and Confidence Through Social Media

Credits: Instagram (@Judyhussamiii)

In this day and age, social media has allowed anyone of the ordinary to create an expressive platform for themselves. Allowing talents from across the world to come together and form different communities based on their own personal interests and passions. It also allows aspiring talents to become motivated to put themselves out there, and Judy is no stranger to this. “I would always scroll through different makeup artists’ posts and recreate their looks, by doing so I was also introduced to the makeup community and saw the support and inspiration stemming from it,” she tells us, “I always thought of creating a social media account where I was able to share my looks and interact with other fellow makeup artists where I could be inspired and motivated, but I never knew when to start one, but after numerous people encouraged me to, I finally decided to just go for it and share my form of self-expression with the world.”

Through finding not only a sense of community but also herself in the process, Judy says that makeup artistry and her ability to express herself and share her creativity with others has boosted her confidence immensely, not because she has makeup on her face but in her self-discovery. “I feel comfortable and confident whenever I have makeup on face because it showcases who I am as a person and the style that I love portraying,” she says, “To me, makeup is more than just products that you were pressured to use by society, it’s a way of showing the world who you are as a person and discovering yourself. You can escape reality whenever you have your makeup on, you can enhance your beauty whenever you have your makeup on, you can gain confidence whenever you have makeup on, but most importantly, you have the freedom of creating art on your face that is special to you.”

Motivation and Looking Ahead

Credits: Instagram (@Judyhussamiii)

Being so young with so much talent in such a huge industry, Judy has room to continue to grow and blossom! Always hoping to have makeup be a part of her life, Judy says “I could never imagine myself not being able to pursue my talent. I hope that one day I could open my own makeup line and influence others to try creative makeup!”

To her followers and other aspiring talents in the beauty community, Judy says “My advice would be to not be afraid to put yourself out there and try new forms of makeup. Makeup was not just made for specific groups of people, makeup should be used by anyone and everyone who’s developing an interest in it. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right for the first couple of times or if you aren’t satisfied with what you created, makeup requires time and patience. And finally, NEVER allow anyone to tell you who you are as a person and stop you from your own form of self-expression, you can be whoever you want to be as long as it’s not harming others around you.”

Don’t forget to follow Judy Hussami on Instagram and TikTok now and stay tuned for more articles featuring UAE-based talents!

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