Introducing Suwaibah: Dubai-Based MUA

We, at The Modern East, love introducing local talent to you all, and for today’s feature, we have none other than small Dubai-based creator, Suwaibah. Suwaibah is a 19-year-old Indian student at SP Jain School of Global Management with a passion for creative makeup. Growing up, the now, the self-taught makeup artist was always keen on art- drawing, painting… you name it! Despite pursuing her degree in Management, the young creator still finds time to follow her passion and we are obsessed with some of her creations! Keep reading to learn more about Suwaibah right here.

Inspiration and how it All Began

Credit: Instagram: (@suwwaibah)

Inclined to art in all its forms from a young age, Suwaibah quickly found herself gravitating towards the makeup artistry as she ventured into her teen years. “The feeling of creating something has always been very gratifying to me, and as I grew older, I fueled my love for art into makeup,” she tells us. The young creator initially began creating different looks as a hobby only posting for her friends to see without the plan of creating an Instagram account dedicated specifically to it.

Things quickly changed when the artist began getting more and more positive feedback and encouragement. “I am so glad I decided to make an account to post my makeup as it’s led me to connect with other creators and artists who never fail to amaze and inspire me,” she says.

Self-Expression and Style

Credit: Instagram: (@suwwaibah)

Self-expression, in today’s day and age, is articulated in many different forms – one of the most prominent ways many creators of our youth choose to express themselves is through the many art forms that we have come to know and love throughout this generation. Suwaibah is no stranger to this! Creating her own sense of style through her makeup, the creator uses the art of makeup as a therapeutic outlet for her creativity by projecting who she is and what she is feeling. “Your face becomes your canvas and you’re free to show the world whatever you wish to,” she says.

Suwaibah considers her style of makeup to be a mix of abstract and graphic. I love using colorful eyeshadows and bold liners to create looks that are elegant yet striking. I find that this style best reflects who I am as a person. I believe that like any other form of art, makeup is a medium for one to express themselves.

Boosting Self-Confidence and Looking Ahead

Credit: Instagram: (@suwwaibah)

Unlike many, Suwaibah believes that makeup has, in fact, boosted her confidence but not for the sole purpose of what societal constructs believe makeup stands for – “beautifying”. “Makeup has definitely helped boost my confidence, but from a therapeutic perspective,” Suwaibah tells us, “The calmness that comes with watching colors blend together, and the satisfaction of creating and improving makes me feel good and boosts my self-esteem. And of course, compliments from friends and followers never fail to hype me up.”

Looking ahead, Suwaibah wants to continue to pursue makeup art. “Whether it’s a part of my career or just a hobby, the goal is to keep creating, to step out of my comfort zone and try new looks, to improve and inspire and maybe somewhere down the line, to start my own line of merchandise.”

Don’t forget to follow Suwaibah on her journey into the art of makeup on both Instagram and TikTok now! “For those wishing to venture into makeup- don’t be afraid to experiment, remember to always be patient because we only improve with practice, but most importantly never forget to enjoy the process!” – Suwaibah

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