Best Budget Friendly European Travel Spots

Travel is fun, but guuuurll, it can also be expensive! With the past year being hard on many people’s bank accounts, choosing a destination to jet off to might depend more than ever on it being budget-friendly. But, don’t worry, we’re here to let you know about a few European travel spots that will scratch that itch to travel, and won’t leave you destitute when you return home.

Split, Croatia

Want to vacation on the Mediterranean, but not spend an arm and a leg in the process? Than look no further than Split. Split is a gorgeous city that touts plenty of old-world charm with just the right touch of modernization. Here you’ll find plenty of cultural and historical points of interest, as well as lovely views of the Adriatic Sea. Foodies will also be wowed by the local cuisine, especially the seafood. If you want to save even more cash, visit during the off-season.

Porto, Portugal

Overall, all of Portugal is one of the most budget-friendly European travel spots, period. Porto does happen to be one of the more popular cities to visit, but one look at it and it’s really not difficult to see why. This is another scenic coastal city, and there is plenty of explore. The area also offers a lot in the way of natural beauty. Ample water activities and hiking spots offer “free” entertainment, outside of the cost to get there. Peak season is from June to August, so visiting outside of those months will ensure you get ever better deals.

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The Puglia/Apulia Region, Italy

This region of Italy is located at the heel of the “boot” of Italy, and it is beyond stunning. There’s mountains, there’s sea, there’s these iconic conical whitewashed homes and buildings that combine to just make this absolutely picturesque area. The region is sprinkled with various natural sites where you can swim, hike, and boat. The beaches are….*chef’s kiss*. There are also a bunch of charming little towns with plenty of history and cafes and restaurants serving up food that is beyond compare. It is also one of the most budget-friendly areas in Italy as it doesn’t quite draw the amount of tourists that Rome or Venice do. Yet, you could easily spend a week here and want to never leave.

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