World’s Most Beautiful Places In Spring

Spring fever is in full swing, bringing with it that feeling of restlessness. Is there anyone out there at the moment that wouldn’t practically consider auctioning off their left kidney to be able to jet off on some incredible vacation right now? Show of hands? Anyone? Yup, the desire to get away has probably never been so keen. But where to go? Well, there are a few spots in the world that really shine during the season of spring. Here are some of the best.

Bonn, Germany

Cherry blossoms are exceptionally lovely, and particularly popular and culturally important in Asia. However, if you have always wanted to go see cherry blossoms, but can’t quite swing a trip to the Far East at the moment, Bonn is a wonderful alternative. The blossoms are bloom in most vibrant profusion along a road known as Heerstrasse, which has since come to be called, “ Cherry Blossom Avenue”. The flowers typically start to bloom in April, and will last for about 2 weeks. Blossoms aren’t all Bonn has to offer, there’s plenty of points of interest to explore, including the famous Beethoven House.

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Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum is a popular tourist destination in Turkey, and with good reason. The seaside destination couldn’t be more charming if it tried. Any time would be a great time to visit. However, if you go in spring, there are more than a few perks. For one, the weather is a lot more pleasant, warm, but not oppressively hot like it can get in the summer. It’s also a lot less crowded, and prices on hotels can be cheaper. Spring brings beautiful pops of color in the form of blooming flowers which add to the already abundant natural beauty.

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Les Avants, Vaud, Switzerland

Switzerland is a country of spell-binding beauty year-round. So, what is it that makes this part of it especially lovely in spring? Well, Les Avants is a small village that is nestled up against the Andes, so it already has that going for it. But every spring, fields of narcissus flowers seem to stretch on forever. Walking among the flowers is a popular past time, and the white blooms and greenery all around look all the more spectacular against the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains.

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