Hidden Gem Travel: Wuyuan, China

Located in the northeast region of Jiangxi province, Wuyuan county is renowned for having “the most beautiful countryside in China”. Which is really something, considering just how massive of a country China is. There emerald green mountains and lush trees roll across the land. Verdant fields stretch alongside clear rivers and streams. The word that comes to mind is “idyllic”. Aside from all that natural splendor, the county also boasts around 50 old villages, each with ancient buildings and structures, bridges, and many cultural points of interest. Let us show you what not to miss.

Explore Ancient Towns

You could spend a lot of time in Wuynan just wandering around the various charming and ancient towns. Some of these towns go back over 1000 years and feature architecture in the Huipai style. The style is characterized by white walls, black roof tiles, and carvings in brick, wood, and stone. One of the most popular towns to tour is Jiangwan, in part due to the fact that it was once the home of a national leader. Another is Jujing Village which is known as “China’s Most Circular Village”. Also not to be missed is Likeng, with its stunning natural surroundings and small blue-stone bridges to help pedestrians cross the stream that flows between streets of the town.

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Enjoy The Views And Waterfalls At Dazhang Mountain

There are many designated scenic points of interest and areas in Wuynan. The mountain itself rises tall and impressive amid the countryside. Here you’ll find various waterfalls, ponds, and springs. Along the mountain, you’ll find 10 famous scenic spots with names like “Quiet Pond”, “82 Rush Springs” and “Crouching Dragon Pond”. Among them, Crouching Dragon Pond is the real gem. It is surrounded by a variety of trees, plants, and bits of flora. In ancient times, it was even considered a divine place where locals would come to pray.

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Relax And Duck Watch Along Yuanyang Lake

This lake is stunning, and has become a big draw for nature lovers. It also just so happens to be one of the largest natural habitats for Mandarin ducks. Every year, during autumn and winter, it is not uncommon for over 2000 duck “couples” to return to this lake. In local culture, Mandarin ducks are symbols of love and happiness. Thus, many couples would visit the lake, hoping to spot a pair of ducks and take it as a sign their own relationship would be a happy and lasting one.

A small island occupies the center of the lake. On the island you’ll find several viewing areas, some gallery bridges, an orchard, a Matchmaker Temple, and some pavilions. At the temple, it is popular to buy a lock and key with a pair of ducks engraved on it. The couple then lock the lock, and toss the key into the lake. This is thought to ensure that their relationship will never break.

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