Introducing: Dubai-Based MUA, Amira Boudrai

We, at The Modern East, love introducing local talent to you all, and for today’s feature, we have none other than the small dubai-based creator, Amira Boudrai. Amira is a full-time student at the American University of Sharjah pursuing a degree in Computer engineering and a minor in illustration and animation, but in her free time, she does make up! Support your small local creators and learn more about her below.

How it All Began

Credits: Instagram (@amira.sglam)

From a very young age, Amira had a major inkling for artistic hobbies as it was a way that she could be in her own bubble expressing ideas that only her mind could conjure up. “I used to draw and paint on paper but I got bored from that so I always looked for other blank canvases that I can draw on,” She tells us, “I started drawing on big canvases throughout my teenage years, then when makeup started becoming a trend, I started using my face as another blank canvas.”

Amira is not your typical makeup artist, and she admits she always tries to go beyond trends to create something flamboyant and unique. “Along with my lifestyle growing up limiting my creativity, I was never a fan of glam or simple makeup given its limitation and everyday use in the makeup community,” she says, “Makeup lets me express the colorful and fun side that wasn’t there throughout my life and it made me experience different types of styles and create new styles that go beyond my imagination.”

Social Media and The World of Makeup

Credits: Instagram (@amira.sglam)

Social media is the greatest outlet in which people can connect and learn more about the world. Every content creator has a specific niche, and it is no doubt that there is a massive population of social media users eager to delve into the world of makeup following major MUAs such as our very own Huda Beauty and Hindash. “I’m using social media as my number one platform to show my talent and grab the right audience that would be interested in what I produce,” Amira tells us, “I think social media gave me the right boost to express myself as a young self-taught makeup artist, as well as its ability to allow me to meet other talented creators and share our creativity.”

“I learned so much from social media that I now know how the makeup industry works and what people want to see, hence I can alter my talent in a way in which I’m still unique and expressing myself but at the same time giving what the people want.”

Accolades and Looking Ahead

Credits: Instagram (@amira.sglam)

With only having started content creation with makeup art as her niche less than a year ago, Amira hopes for growth on her platforms in the future allowing her to possess the ability to influence fellow makeup lovers and the younger generation in regard to the artistry and the creativity that the power of makeup can hold. “I want makeup to be the new wave of expression in which people aren’t afraid to show themselves and be confident in their unique way,” she says

In addition to these goals, Amira has dreams about changing the stereotype of makeup in the Arab world “In the Arab society, makeup is always used for weddings and parties and mostly for elder women and I want to change that stereotype! I want to show people that makeup isn’t just for caking up your face but it is a form of art that takes patience and courage in addition to that it is fun and exciting,” She tells us.

“I sometimes lose myself while trying to find my type of art, but I am always positive that as long as I am not following the tide and making my own wave, that art will enable me to find myself again and again,” Amira says, and we can’t wait to see what her wave has to offer when crashing upon the shore!

Follow Amira on TikTok and Instagram now to make sure you follow along on her journey and continue to support small local creators in the beauty industry!

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