Small-Business Alert: Claws by Beth

We at The Modern East are definitely lovers of all things fashion, beauty and style – even more so when we can enjoy those things when they’re made with love, care, and passion. By supporting a small business, you’re also supporting the local community, which is why it is a pleasure for us to present the Dubai-based small business Claws by Beth. If you love long, fierce nails, but just don’t have the time or effort to go get them done at the Salon, 27-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur, Elizabeth Nelson – or, better known as “Beth” has got you covered! Customize your own personal high-quality, press-on nail set with Claws by Beth at prices affordable for all. Want to learn more about this small business and the woman behind it all? Keep reading!

How it All Began

Credits: Instagram (@clawsbybeth)

Growing up, Beth loved everything about the beauty industry. Like many of us ladies, watching YouTube videos about beauty was one of the, now, entrepreneur’s, favorite pass-times. Delving right into the industry, Beth found herself inclined to nail art over everything and she stuck with it! “I’ve always been a business-minded person from an early age,” she tells us, “But going into the field, I decided to incorporate my passion and stick with what inspired me – beauty!” Beth explained that her inclination towards creating nails was because she could not stand going to the salon and getting exactly what she wanted, so she decided to take it into her own hands – hence the birth of her small business, Claws by Beth.

All About the Brand & Beth

Credits: Instagram (@clawsbybeth)

Empireluxxe – the business’ official name, is all about enhancing your beauty with ease. “There are stages to making press-on nails just like getting them done in a beauty salon,” Beth explains, “The only difference is I’m just not creating them on an actual person – it’s just me and my tools!” Each set is more beautiful and unique than the last, Beth is always excited to keep creating through her passion for the work.

Beth started her small business to take control of her everyday life and put her heart and soul into what she is truly passionate about. Taking a risk, the brand has been doing great and is still growing along with Beth herself! “I can’t speak for all small business owners, but I can definitely say that I put my heart into satisfying my clients,” she tells us, “But, regardless, I am always worried that when I send out an order, knowing I did everything right, that they might come back unimpressed or unhappy. I don’t feel relaxed until I get positive feedback from them!” – You’re doing amazing Beth! We can’t wait to see what more your business has to offer.

The Venture into Social Media and Looking Ahead

Credits: Instagram (@clawsbybeth)

Like many entrepreneurs in this day and age, Beth turned to social media to advertise for her small business. “The world and everyone in it are evolving and everything you could ever want is online nowadays – so, why not!” she says after admitting to not being too interested in the idea of social media before the launch of her brand and only working through WhatsApp. “I didn’t have too many orders, but when I started creating content I realized how much easier it is to reach your target audience online,” she explains, “After venturing into platforms like TikTok and Instagram, not only did I realize how much social media could boost my business, but my confidence too.”

For the future, all Beth can hope for is for her business to keep growing. Despite her huge plans and drive to succeed, the nail tech and Entrepreneur hopes to receive more orders for her press-on nails before she released her huge ideas to the public. “I want my business to be in every city, state, and country – I don’t think that’s too much to hope for… right?” She jokingly says. With her passion and artistic skills, we know Beth will one day make these big ideas a reality!

Don’t forget to follow Beth on her TikTok and Instagram platforms now! What are you waiting for? Have you placed an order yet!?


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