Introducing Sarah Alghanem: Our Dubai-Based Singer

We, at The Modern East, love to appreciate our UAE-based talent, and for today’s feature, we have none other than our very own Dubai-based singer, Sarah Alghanem. Sarah is a 24-year-old, Polish/Palestinian singer based in the UAE and has been performing for years! Overcoming her shy persona, Sarah has achieved so much overtime in terms of her music and performing and definitely has a bright future in the field through both her experience and passion. Keep reading to learn more about her!

How it All Came About

Credits: Instagram (@sarahalghanemm)

Sarah started singing back when she was only 4 years old competing in singing shows back in Poland. “I remember singing to win a toy and that was my goal so I decided to sing in Arabic, English, Polish and French,” She says, “I couldn’t let anyone get that toy!” At a young age, she moved to the UAE and continued to pursue her passion right here, in the place we all call home – but it didn’t start off that way.

“It was a crazy journey,” she tells us, “I stopped singing for a long time because I was very shy and had so much anxiety about singing, which, till now, I still do, but I am able to control it way more than before.” Sarah posted her first YouTube video in the 7th grade only to delete it sometime later after she had been bullied for posting a video singing in the toilet. Come a few years later, she has performed on some of the most remarkable stages in the region and received several accolades for her performances. We bet those bullies are sorry now!

Sarah’s Singing Style

With a huge range and absolutely gorgeous tone, it is no surprise that Sarah can sing just about anything and make it her own. “Personally, I like all types of music but when it comes to my kind of interest and style it would definitely be soul/R&B and that’s because I just love how it sounds,” she says, “But, at the same time it can induce lots of emotions and allow you to show off your vocal techniques.”

Accolades and Moving Ahead

Since her high-school years, Sarah has posted videos of her pursuing her talent and had a huge impact in the Dubai-Talent field. Not only did she receive countless positive reactions and recognition for her voice, but she has sung at the Dubai Opera choir with the famous Sami Youssef, opened for Demi Lovato, Mike Posner, and several big names at Dubai’s renowned music festival, RedFest DXB, Auditioned for The Voice season 5, got to the top 10 performers in the Justin Bieber competition held at the Dubai Mall, and worked with well-known producers in the music industry both in the UAE and internationally. “I can only smile when I remember those days,” she tells us.

At the moment, Sarah has drifted away from music to pursue her job and support her family but aspires to take it up once again to fulfill her dreams. “I have a full-time job that I am happy with but definitely my dream is becoming a recognized singer that touches the hearts of others through her vocals and lyrics. It has always been a dream and I believe it will stay this way forever,” she says, “I believe if I back to focusing on music again, I will be able to relive or even have better opportunities in the future.”

To follow Sarah on her journey, make sure to follow her on Instagram now!


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