Introducing Sasha Afsh: The UAE-Based TikTok Star

We, at The Modern East, love to appreciate our UAE-based talent, and for today’s feature, we have none other than our very own TikTok singer, Sasha Afsh. Sasha Afsh is a 19-year-old student at the American University of Sharjah studying integrated marketing communications major, but to us TikTok users, she’s a young talent with an extraordinary voice! If you’re an avid TikTok user, we’re sure Sasha has popped up on your for you page a couple of times – and if she hasn’t… you must be on the wrong side of TikTok. Want to learn more about this talented musician? Keep reading!

How it All Came About

Credits: Instagram (sashaxxash)

Growing up between Tallahassee, Florida, Beirut, Lebanon, and Abu Dhabi, our capital, Sasha always knew she had an inkling for music. “Since I was 7, I’ve known I had a talent and an ear for music,” Sasha says, “I was 9 when I first joined the choir and it took off from there”. She started singing in her choir in Beirut where her coach saw great potential in her and gave her that confidence that she needed.

“After 5 years in the choir I moved to Florida and joined an acapella group where I eventually became a lead soloist and we competed in statewide competitions,” she tells us, “That definitely contributed a lot to my music career I used to perform for hundreds, even thousands of people. I was vocally trained for musical theatre and competed alone. When I moved to Dubai I started going to a bunch of open mics and got a good amount of attention, so I decided to start a TikTok account over quarantine.”

Sasha’s TikTok Rise to Fame

Credits: Instagram (sashaxxash)

With over 170K+ followers on the app, Sasha (or as you may know her, sashaxxash) has definitely made a name for herself on TikTok! “TikTok has connected me to so many amazing people I’m so thankful for it,” she tells us.

Sasha sings a variety of different music genres on her TikTok page, but her favorite type of music to sing is country, surprisingly! “I never liked country although I lived in the states almost all my life, but when I “gave it a chance” I fell in love. I feel so powerful when I sing it,” she says. Besides her “unconventional” love for country music, the musician also loves singing R&B, pop, Arabic, musical theatre, classical, and, well just about everything.

Originally starting TikTok just for fun, Sasha quickly realized that people were paying attention to her videos and began to take it more seriously. “Tiktok has connected me to so many amazing people and I’m so thankful for it,” she tells us, “Tiktok has made me grow a lot socially and mentally. It’s taught me how to have self-control and how to stay motivated even on the days I don’t want to even get out of bed. I definitely will continue on this platform.”

Accolades and Looking Ahead

Credits: Instagram (sashaxxash)

Although Sasha has already achieved many things from acquiring a large following, to doing collaborations with people, having record labels approach her and businesses wanting to partner, her biggest dream is to perform for people. “I love the rush it gives me, and I love inspiring people with music,” she says.

Sasha is looking ahead and has great things coming. Thankful to her TikTok career, Sasha says “It has kind of set up a path for me in terms of my music career and I’m currently in the works of my original music so that’s my main goal right now, but I’m still taking it day by day.”

We sure are excited to see what she has in store for us. To follow Sasha along on her music journey, make sure to follow her on TikTok now!


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