Must See Netflix In March

We may not know what sort of delights and distresses a new month will bring. But one thing is certain, Netflix will bring something worth watching. Here’s an early look at some of what you will want to check out on Netflix in March.

Moxie: March 3

You gotta love the all around comedic genius of Amy Poehler. She’s so much more than just Mrs. George from Mean Girls. From her stint on SNL, to her wonderful role as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, this funny gal has had us laughing for ages! Moxie centers around a teen who organizes a feminist revolution at her school. This is certainly material Poehler can get behind, and she not only stars in but also directs the film. The trailer definitely has us intrigued, and you gotta love anything that promotes girl power.

Yes Day: March 12

When you were little, you always wished your parents would say “yes” to more stuff. Well, in this movie starring Jennifer Garner, two parents set out to say “yes” to their kiddos’ every whim for 24 hours. As of writing, there still wasn’t an official trailer out for this film. But, it’s pretty safe to say that this will be one of those movies you can pop on after a rough day to just enjoy something light-hearted goofiness and a few laughs.

Struggle Alley: March 15

If you’re looking for something to punch you right in the feels, this is your flick. This Turkish drama is set in a particularly impoverished part of Istanbul. The story centers around a man and his attempts to help out other people struggling in any way that he can. The man himself is an orphan, and so he particularly centers his attempts to help around children. One day he discovers a young boy in a trash bag, and decides to help to find the child find his family. The two soon become friends, and yeah, you know you are going to need tissues for this one. As of writing, no official trailer has been released, but this is a definite must-watch.

Sky Rojo: March 19

This show is the newest project from the creator of Money Heist creator Alex Pina. Eight episodes will debut, and follow 3 ladies who just happen to be workers in the world of, shall we say, adult entertainment? The ladies have had enough and decide they want their freedom, so they go on the run from their boss. While this show definitely promises to be a bit more on the risque side, from the trailer, the cinematography looks amazing. It also looks to be rather adrenaline filled. Here’s the teaser trailer:


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