Trending apps in ME for July!

Every month we keep an eye out on the most trending and top downloaded mobile applications in the region. Here are the noticeable ones for July in case you don’t want to miss out on any.

1. Funny Voice Effects – Ios

Such an upbeat app! It is not trying to be a serious video editing app like so many out there. As the name gives it away, record a video and transform your voice into a chipmunk one. You can also choose funny video effects, just look at the screenshots to see if this is the kind of effect you could use for your next video.

Image source: Apple Store

2. Tie Dye – Ios

The trend of the summer has its own app. If you have been wanting to experiment on your own clothes but want a train, or just want a good easy game, you will like this one.

Image source: Apple Store

3. COFE – Ios / Android

Dare I call it the Deliveroo for coffee lovers? That wouldn’t do justice to the founders intentions which are to really gather all coffee lovers on this app and make sure that no matter the situation you can get your coffee fix.

Image source: Apple Store

4. Tajj – تاج – Ios / Android

The app is quite new, or so I would imagine looking that their website still shows dummy text. However, the concept is great. If you have a business, be it a hotel, restaurant, beauty salon, retail etc, this app lets you post your offers. For users, you get it, you access offers directly from the source. Meaning better offers since there is no middleman.

Image source: Apple Store

5. Die with me – Ios / Android

Definitely a unique concept in my opinion. You know the drill, your phone has 5% battery left and you are freaking out. This chat room app only lets you enter if your phone has less than 5% battery left. Once you do, you will get to chat to other people all around the world who are also waiting for their phones to die.

Image source: Apple Store


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