Trending apps in ME this month

Every month we keep an eye out on the most trending and top downloaded mobile applications in the region. Here are the noticeable ones for September in case you don’t want to miss out on any.


1. Emoji Puzzle – Ios / Android

This is honestly so cool. You have to try it! The game is very simple, you need to match one emoji with another one based on…should I say logic? Example: matching the fries emoji with the burger emoji. Or the ghost with the pumpkin. You get the idea? It is more addictive than it sounds.

Source: Apple Store

2. Google Classroom – Ios / Android

Like most of the Google products, this virtual classroom app is free, there are no ads and it is very secure. For once, personal data is not shared. Use Google classroom is essentially an app to connect teachers with students. Access courses in a very organized way, leave feedback, comments, share with others and even take assignments online.

Google Classroom App

Source: Apple Store

3. Tango – Ios / Android

Video calls with cool effects? Yes, please. Live broadcasting 24/7? Yes, please. If you re over Snap, IGTV and looking for more of a live feed, this could become your new go-to social media app.

Tango App

Source: Apple Store

4. The Secure Messenger – Ios / Android

A call app that doesn’t require an email or a phone number? Sounds refreshing in these times where everyone knows everything about each other and data is shared all the time.

Source: Apple Store

5. Pro Camera by Moment – Ios

Despite our smartphones getting better and better at each new release, people still download and actually pay for photo apps. This one is the latest craze. The reason is surely because of all the cool modes it offers but also because of how intuitive it is. Swiping instead of tapping on a small button on the screen to adjust settings makes all the difference in the world.

Pro Camera App

Source: Apple Store


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