3 Crime Documentaries on Netflix You Need to Watch

Long gone are the days where documentary was synonymous with The History Channel and boring afternoons at an older relative’s home. Netflix has made documentaries cool again, and if you don’t believe me, see for yourself. These are 3 of our favorite crime documentaries on Netflix:

1. Making A Murder

The most addictive documentary series out there. So addictive, in fact, that Netflix just released a second season of the docu-series three years after the initial season. The series tells the incredible true story of Steven Avery, a wrongfully convicted man released following DNA evidence exonerating him after spending 18 years in prison. Two years later, he finds himself arrested for another crime he claims he is innocent of.

One piece of advice: start watching on a Thursday night because you will need the whole weekend to watch these episodes back to back.


2. Wild Wild Country

You may be familiar with the main character of this documentary. Remember a few years ago, the viral video of an old looking guru explaining the use of the F word? Well, meet “Baba Rajneesh,” the “godman” and leader of the Rajneesh movement. The documentary goes deep into the Rajneesh cult which made its way from India to the United States in the 70’s and literally took over a whole county in Oregon. The story is told through interviews with former members and leaders of the movement as well as real footage from that time. Think cult, money embezzlement, bio-terrorist attack, murder attempts and revenge.

3. The Staircase

Similar to Making a Murderer (in the sense that the protagonist is also a man arrested for a crime he claims he has not committed), the Staircase is centered around the murder investigation to defend Michael Peterson: a novelist whose wife Kathleen is suddenly found dead at the bottom of a staircase in their home. Deciding on Michael as the lead suspect, the documentary follows 17 years of investigation, discoveries and theories, including one involving an owl…


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