Introducing Lujain: Our Middle Eastern-Based TikToker

Calling all TikTok lovers! We, at The Modern East, are excited to introduce an upcoming Middle Eastern creator. Lujain Sarhan is an 18-year-old Syrian student and content creator. With a following of over 30K on TikTok, we see this young content-lover only growing more from here on out. From comedic videos with her mom that are absolutely hilarious to makeup looks, it’s almost like she does it all! Keep reading to learn more about Lujain now.

How it All Began

Credits: Instagram (@lujainsarhann)

Growing up in Dubai, UAE, and moving to Syria to pursue her education – there is one thing that Lujain has always loved and that’s making content! Her gravitation towards TikTok started as a form of self-expression and her love for makeup, but she ultimately realized that what people loved was the content that she was making with her mom! How wholesome?

“The most popular video on my platform is of me pranking my mom, so I figured I would keep going in that direction,” Lujain tells us. If you love – or can relate to – Arab mom reactions to pranks and online challenges, you definitely should give her a follow! Maybe you can even try out some of these pranks on your parents!

Like most creators, Lujain views her TikTok platform as a form of self-expression “Content, to me, can be anything that you have a passion for or even enjoy doing in your free time,” she tells us, “I view TikTok as my online diary because, personally, it is a place where I can truly be myself. From makeup to pranks, vlogs, and much more – it really does push me to get out of my comfort zone and just have fun!”

Accolades and Looking Ahead

Credits: Instagram (@lujainsarhann)

Throughout her journey on the app, Lujain has realized that not only is TikTok an app for self-expression, but also a place where you can use your voice for good. “TikTok made me see that there are a lot of things in the world that need to be spoken about, and the app gives everyone a platform to be able to do it,” she says.

With 30K+ followers and counting, not only has Lujain gained a lot of traction on the app, but she has also received several opportunities from being asked to sponsor a business to even being a face model for a well-known makeup artist. “I’ve always been scared to be myself on social media, especially during high school, but once I graduated and due to the unfortunate circumstances of the pandemic and being in lockdown I realized content creating was what I truly loved and all I can hope for is to keep moving forward,” Lujain tells us.

Don’t forget to follow Lujain on TikTok to keep up with her content.


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