Why Nintendo Still Rocks

Since 1985, Nintendo has been a powerhouse in the world of gaming. It all started with the NES, and from there several consoles and hand-held gaming devices from Nintendo would take gaming to the next level. It wouldn’t be long though before Nintendo had some serious competition. PlayStation, X-Box, and Sega would all join the lucrative and competitive video game fray. PC gaming would also become a formidable rival. But through it all, Nintendo managed to thrive. Though today, many hardcore gamers might dismiss Nintendo as a more kiddie-game based brand, they’re missing out. The Switch is an amazing console that functions equally well as a hand-held system or hooked up to a big screen. Nintendo’s titles are still cutting edge and fun, not to mention frequently wonderfully nostalgic. Let us tell you why Nintendo still rocks, and deserves some serious love.

It’s Great For Kids At Heart

Yes, it is absolutely true that many Nintendo games tend to be bright, colorful, cartoonish games. But, why is that even close to a bad thing? Besides, name a more iconic video game duo than Mario and Luigi! Go ahead, we’ll wait. It can’t be done! The amazing thing is that Nintendo never really just dials it in. They don’t rely on nostalgia alone to carry the game. Updates to games are frequent and typically free. The new Mario Bros related titles on the Switch are amazing. The franchise has come a long way from the 8-bit platform/side-scroller it began as. Titles like “Super Mario Odyssey”, “Paper Mario The Origami K ing”, and “Mario Kart 8” are fantastic games. They’re fun, they’re imaginative, and they are incredibly solid games that even stand up to being replayed. Plus, “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is just about one of the best things to happen in gaming, ever.

Bring A Friend

Another thing that makes Nintendo great is that it still makes games that keep a multi-player option in mind. Yes, some games may be better at it than others. But other games are specifically made to share the experience with the cool kids in your life. No more having to pass a controller back and forth between people so everyone can have a turn. You can play together simultaneously! Nintendo has also been making great use of the online option. Yes, you do have to spend a bit more to enable it, but it’s worth the small fee. With online, you can play with friends, loved ones, and strangers from all over the world. Everyone could use a little more togetherness right now.

Top Of Their Game

With the pandemic happening, we need Nintendo now more than ever. We need the general brightness and positivity of their games. We need the nostalgia and comfort. We need something to do while we’re largely still stuck in our houses! One of the biggest success stories in gaming since the crap hit the fan this year has been “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”. In fact, Nintendo Switches were flying off the shelves so quickly that they were selling out, largely thanks to this game. To date, over 22 million copies have been sold. The premise is easy.

You get an island to shape and decorate as you see fit. You invite various animals to live on your island and interact with them to make your bond with them stronger. You can craft items, fill up a museum,design your own clothes, fish, swim, and catch bugs. It’s a very zen game. And it was helping a lot of people cope with what has been going on in the real world. Yeah, the real world might be a big ol’ dumpster fire. But, you have this little island that you can escape to, control and shape. Peace through the chaos. Something certain during uncertain times. That is why Nintendo still rocks. It’s here when we need it, providing good things. That is why, if it’s been awhile since you’ve entered the world of Nintendo, you deserve to check it out again.


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