Gift Ideas For Your Dark And Twisty Bestie

If you don’t have a bestie who is a little dark and twisty, you need to get one immediately. You know, the kinda gals for whom Halloween isn’t merely a holiday, but a way of life. They’re kinda the best, and you know their dark sense of humor can have a real way of lighting up your days. With the holidays in full swing, you might be scrambling for some last-minute gift ideas. Check out this list that is sure to put a smile on even the most scowling face.

This Dark And Twisty Dress

Okay, how cute is this dress? This would make a perfect addition to any gal’s wardrobe, especially those who tend to gravitate towards darker colored pieces. We love the ribbon details at the throat and sleeves, and the mesh details make this dress simultaneously edgy and sophisticated. Get it here.

A Nightmare Before Christmas Bag

Chances are good that your dark and twisty bestie probably loves her some Jack Skellington. This bag from Loungefly is the perfect little cross-body purse. The design is simple enough, but with just the right amount of detail. Check it out here.

Photo Credit: Amazon

This Gorgeous Print

Alright, so your dark and twisty bestie also loves her some flowers, and isn’t afraid of colors. But, she likes to temper all that brightness with just the right hint of spooky. This print on Etsy will check all the boxes and then some. She’ll love the detailed, gorgeous artwork, and you’ll definitely help her walls make a statement with this piece. Get it here from LisaLaRoseArt.

Photo Credit: LisaLaRoseArt on Etsy

This Macabre, But Fun Game

Who doesn’t love a good board game. Especially since this year brought us so much, well, boredom. Your dark and twisty bestie will likely get a kick out of this game called Stupid Deaths. The premise of the game is to race the Grim Reaper around the board before he manages to catch up with you. During game-play, you and your friends will have to draw cards and decide which stories of really stupid deaths are true, and which are not. Get it right, and you advance. Get it wrong, and the Grim Reaper advances instead. It kinda feels like a race we’ve all been forced into this year, but this time it will actually be fun. Find it here.

Photo Credit: Amazon

The Moon

Okay, maybe you can’t give her the actual moon. But, you can certainly give her this gorgeous moon lamp. Everyone knows dark and twisty gals love the nighttime best, and now she can have her favorite celestial body all to herself. These little lamps are charged by USB, can be dimmed with a touch of your hand, and can change to 16 colors via remote. You might need to buy an extra one for yourself. Get it here.

Photo Credit: Amazon

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