A Brand to Know: Saks Potts

Here’s a look at the Danish designers every it girl is talking about. Meet Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks, masterminds behind cult followed Copenhagen-based brand Saks Potts, where every item the girls put out becomes an instant hit on the gram. 

With a girl gang including countless style stars from top models, to celebrities and IG fangirls such as Tina Kunakey, Kendall Jenner, Cardi B, Adwoa Aboah, Laura Love, and Rosemarie Vind it really comes as no surprises that they have been featured on Forbes “The Emerging Fashion Brands To Watch In 2019”.

Ask every girl what they are lusting over at the moment and it is most likely the fur-trimmed “Foxy” coat that is at the top of their list. This fox fur trimmed coat is without a doubt their must have item, making it to every, and we mean every, it-girl’s Instagram page.

Growing up in the cold, the girls soon realized that the most important investment in a woman’s wardrobe is a beautiful coat. With the weather in Copenhagen being chilly for the majority of the year, outwear is all they would see when they looked around. Coming to the comprehension that outerwear should stand out, with Cathrine’s degree in Fashion Design and Tailoring and Barbara’s BA in Art History, came together with the idea of creating outwear that should showcase one’s personality and brighten up their surroundings. Soon after, we saw the birth of Saks Potts.

Scrolling through their Instagram page, you will see an uncanny ode to everything vintage.

Their designs represent the far-from-average aesthetic (which we have to say is what we love most about the brand) using unusual designs, playful colors and delicate fabrics of the utmost quality to create timeless pieces that take you through the seasons.


Omaya Michelle

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