Homegrown Fashion: Baesic by DB

Who says you can’t stand out in “baesic” fashion? 24-year-old, Pakistani Entrepreneur, PR Manager, CEO & Founder of Baesic by DB, Dhara Bhatia, is changing the game! Growing up collecting images of clothes she wanted to buy that she saw on celebrities, Dhara realized a part of her gravitating towards fashion. Come several years later and she has started her own homegrown fashion line that is wearable by anyone, anyday, and anytime! If you’re a fashion lover and need some new basic pieces in your wardrobe, keep reading to learn about Baesic by DB and Dhara’s venture into the world of Fashion.

  How it All Came About

Credits: Instagram (@baesicbydb)

“A part of me has always been interested in fashion, but if you would’ve told me four years ago that I would have my own clothing brand, I would’ve laughed it off,” Dhara tells us. Growing up interested in fashion through the likes of none other than every little girl’s 2008 idols, Blake Lively, and Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl, Dhara’s passion for fashion began to form. Falling in love with the visual aspects of fashion, Dhara says “You don’t need to see my progression from a teenager to an adult; you can compare a picture from 2008 and 2021. You’ll see a whole new person.

Baesic came from a constant search for self-growth. “I always wanted to be an entrepreneur because I had so many creative ideas, and apart from using them for my full-time job, I was seeking to create something that was a reflection of me, my values, and my learnings,” she tells us, “Fashion just fits in perfectly for that,” Thus, Baesic was born.

What is Baesic by DB

Credits: Instagram (@baesicbydb)

It is no secret that fashion is one of the greatest ways to express yourself. With this in mind, Dhara wanted to create a brand that allows people to express who they are, what they like, and what they dislike in a simplistic manner through how they dress. Baesic strives to bring out the uniqueness of each and every individual by giving them the ability to style the pieces how they want. “Think of a simple LBD (little black dress) that is your wardrobe staple. You could have 20 LBDs, but you still buy more because of its versatility. You and I could walk in wearing the same dress, but it would still look different because our personalities would style it in new ways, making each #OOTD special,” Dhara explains.

Each and every piece is made with care and precision keeping the climate and the feel of the pieces on the customer’s skin in mind. “I always loved silk and linen,” Dhara tells us, “I think they are two beautiful fabrics that need to be seen more. It’s scientifically proven that silk helps keep moisture close to your skin and keeps your skin more hydrated than many fabrics on the market. And of course, linen is the top choice for a breathable and lightweight fabric to wear in hot weather conditions – making it ideal for summer conditions.”

In an industry catering to beauty and aesthetics, the importance of “self-love” and feeling good in what you choose to wear is often forgotten. With Baesic, Dhara says, “More than anything, I wanted to create a platform for self-love. I think people have the biggest misconception of “self-love” and what it entails. Through my brand, I aim to create awareness around the concept and how self-acceptance is something most of us lack. I want to change that!”

Accolades and Looking Ahead

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Like any entrepreneur first starting to develop a brand, Dhara was unsure, but since the launch of Baesic she says that she has been overwhelmed with the responses. “When customers message me complimenting the cut, design, and fabric choice, I’m doing a happy dance in the background.” Overjoyed by the positivity the brand has received so far and the love from many media influencers, along with top entrepreneurs and business owners, Dhara says “There is nothing better than seeing your efforts recognized and I’m currently over the moon”.

Looking ahead, Dhara already has big plans for the brand “Not to sound obsessive, but I have a 5-year plan already,” she tells us – and we can’t wait to see what more there is to come! “Right now, I’m a team of one. I have amazing vendors and people helping me out but it’s one person running the show, and with a full-time job it’s definitely not easy, but when I started Baesic, I knew this had to be a platform of self-love. Over the years, I plan to develop my vision into different pillars, including F&B and more. We also have something in the works for the coming months, so definitely stay tuned!”

Working Towards Achievements

Credits: Instagram (@baesicbydb)

After putting all her savings and hard work into the brand and taking the leap of faith and jumping right into the deep end, Dhara claims Baesic as one of her proudest achievements. “It’s made me accomplish what I’ve always wanted to be – a boss woman. I love my job, and I love my team, but Baesic helped me turn my values, personality, and beliefs into an existing brand,” she says, “always follow your dreams, no matter how hard it is at first. It’s SO worth it at the end. Just remember, coffee is your best friend.”

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