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Coloring has a magical effect upon a lot of people. The simple act has the power to require a ton of our focus, without overloading us and stressing us out. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Coloring has proven to lower stress and anxiety levels in adults. It essentially shuts down the fear center of our brains and tells it to go take a long walk. While there are plenty of resources to find printable coloring pages, coloring apps don’t require any supplies. There are some really great ones out there,which have tons, and we mean tons, of content. Check out our list of some of the best coloring apps available and get your zen on.

Happy Color-Color By Number

If the thought of choosing the absolute right shades for your coloring masterpiece makes your eye twitch, this app is perfect. It’s a color by number deal, so the colors are all predetermined. Happy Color is totally free, and puts out new “pages” every day. There are currently over 6000 images for you to work on, coming in a variety of categories. Special themed packs also make frequent appearances. When you finish, you can watch a playback video of your work before the colored image is saved to your personal library. There are ads, but they play after completion.

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Alright, where our control freaks at!? Not many coloring apps allow you the amount of artistic freedom that this one does. Pigment delivers a coloring experience that is the closest you are going to get to the real deal. Sure, you can still tap and fill, but you can also use your finger to swipe and fill in the areas by hand. The color palettes are extensive, and you even have a choice of brushes. Pigment is technically free. However, if you want to unlock more colors, brushes, and images, you’ll have to go premium. Is it worth it? Try out their free 7 day trial and decide for yourself.

Recolor: Adult Coloring Book

This one takes the cake as the popular choice when it comes to coloring apps. Once again, there is a free and a premium version. Their catalog of available pages is rather impressive, and has tons to choose from. You get 3 free images every day, if you want to keep things FTP. What sets this app apart is the ability to share your finished product with other users, and browse others’ work for inspiration. You can also upload your own photos and drawings and color them if you wish.

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Color By Number Oil Painting

With over 500 available images, and 2 new ones added every day, this app will have you feeling super calm in no time. There are 12 categories to choose from, including animals, landscapes, flowers, and more. Images take a little more time to finish, but that’s not a bad thing. More time to relax. It’s also free!

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