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Wild Wild Lab is a Dubai born accessory initiative that offers mainly necklaces with a vibe that always reflects the sea, the waves, the sand and the sun.

Inspired by the contrast between natural materials and modern designs, Wild Wild Lab fuses the traditional with the contemporary and translate the fascination of the its founders with sand and sea into their handcrafted designs, creating a new wave of statement jewelry for the everyday.

The pieces are all handmade with very selective beads and pearls with a major focus on color combinations, shell incorporation and customization.

Each and every necklace can be customized the way you want, with a chain change, a shell upgrade, a name added within the beads etc.. the list goes on.

You can find the Wild Wild Lab pieces on their Instagram account @wildwildlab and the team is usually quite quick at replying to queries.

They also offer free delivery within Dubai and a flat fee of 35aed for the res of the Emirates and their packaging was so much fun to receive as it comes thru like mail with stamps and dates on it and even a wax seal.

Some of our favorite pieces include the now sold out big shell necklace, with orange hues and that can also be found in purple and pink tones. Another winner is the daisy necklace that can we also worn as a choker.

We love the coin pendants with all their meanings and the detailed work on them is exquisite; another great find is the beaded necklaces with the names of loved ones that can be gifted to adults and children.

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Pieces to lust over

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No one can style like she can

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