The ‘Golden Boy’: Karam Sahyouni

We always love and appreciate a game-changing Dubai-based fashion icon. Karam Sahyouni, AKA ‘Golden Boy’, a 21-year-old, Syrian fashion influencer is changing the men’s fashion game in the Middle East with his out-of-the-box looks and we are absolutely obsessed! Not only are his looks and style intriguing, but boy, does he know how to get a good shot – while challenging stereotypes and bringing light to important issues in the world. We can’t get enough of him and we’re sure you won’t either.

The Golden Style

Credits: Instagram (@karam.sahyouni)

“I was interested in fashion as a little boy as I grew up watching my favorite actors and models and how they dressed. It seemed to me like their outfits and fashion sense and style really enhanced their appearance, and furthermore their confidence which mesmerized me,” Karam says, “Looking at cool outfits and styles would change my entire mood for the day.”

Credits: Instagram (@karam.sahyouni)

Karam explains that his inspiration comes from everywhere around him. From magazines to popular brands, inspiring people and passer by-ers, cultures, and more all coming together as a mixture to bring forth his own personalized vision. He best describes his fashion sense as street with a mixture of vintage pieces combined together while breaking gender boundaries through colors and accessories.

Accolades & Looking Ahead

Credits: Instagram (@karam.sahyouni)

Since his interest in fashion had taken to his Instagram and other social media platforms, Karam has had several opportunities. From collaborating with brands such as Puma, Springfield and more, to appearing in GQme Magazine.

Credits: Instagram (@karam.sahyouni)

“Fashion has played a major role in building how I see myself, as well as my confidence and the image I want to bring forth to people when I enter the room,” Karam says as he further explains that it has truly become a part of who he is and something that he holds close to his heart.

Credits: Instagram (@karam.sahyouni)

We can’t wait to see what else he has to offer!


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