The Henna Doctor: Dr. Azra Khamissa

The on-going tradition of Henna for social celebrations has been prominent in the Middle Eastern, African, and Asian regions for centuries now, but Dr. Azra Khamissa, a South-African and Canadian chiropractor, now based in the UAE is giving it a newfound, contemporary twist – and we absolutely love it!

Dr. Azra recently turned to fashion design and created her own handbag label back in 2015, but as of 2017 she has found a new hobby and has added a uniquely modern twist: Henna design. As most henna artists begin their practice, she started with traditional Emirati, Libyan and Tunisian designs, but later started to experiment with minimalistic, contemporaneous styles.

Since, Dr. Azra has created an Instagram profile for her Henna designs and has gained a massive following for her exceptional twist on the historical and traditional practice. From Ramadan inspired designs, to solid-coloring, and more – Dr. Azra has made her mark in the art of Henna.

Dr. Azra’s Work

Here, Dr. Azra showcases her the depth of her Henna design style in both a minimalistic and aesthetic way. The present moon is an Islamic symbol, and she had incorporated it into her art. She has also colored the fingernails, which is commonly practiced in the art of Henna design.

In this post, Dr. Azra incorporates a never-done-before style in her work: Animal Print – an everlasting fashion statement. We absolutely love this uniquely fierce look, and never could have imagined it being done with Henna!

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Means no. #hennaart #henna #thehennaarchive #no

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We Absolutely adore this statement design by Dr. Azra, and we know all of you feminists will love it too! This minimalistic design has such deep and powerful meaning to all women out there, and we love the approach taken to send out this message.


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