Men’s Fashion week

With Men’s Fashion Week coming to an end after a long month of hard work, shows and re-sees… its time for our seasonal round-up of some of the most eye-popping trends that we have seen down the runway.

This season had plenty of prints, bold colors and graphics that took menswear to a new futuristic direction. It also saw a lot of different fabrics from leather, to velvet and faux-fur as well as new shapes of over-sized shoulders and extreme padding.

Whether you are looking for yourself or for someone else, look no more, we now have the best list with the top trends you can expect to see in 2020.

Pink is the new black:

The color of this season is neon pink, and you will see it in a full buttoned suit, in accessories, in cashmere sweaters, long coats and even shoes.

We have seen the color pop on many runways like in the Louis Vuitton show where Virgil painted a whole suit in neon pink, and in Berluti with the long coat and at Kenzo and Boss where the color took over double buttoned suits.

Monochrome is not leaving anytime soon:

Whether it was in brown, black, blue, beige, white and grey it made no difference, the point was a full-on monochrome suit look from head-to-toe. The style sends a strong message of coordination and confidence and was seen on the runways of Fendi, Louis Vuitton and many others.

Leopard is taking over:

The leopard print has been around for decades, with strong appearance every couple of seasons and this is one of them. Seen on coats at Celine, Versace and Marni the print allows a boring suit to come to life and to bring attention on the individual and showing their wild side.

The romantic effect:

Yes, dramatic ruffles, silk shirt, chiffon and ruffs on the neck have officially made a poetic come-back and have been spotted at the Louis Vuitton and Gucci runways.

The look can be extreme if worn fully on a regular office day but if divided between one romantic piece and a regular suit it makes for an Instagramable outfit and plenty of compliments.

Neck leash:

It all started with Jacquemus this summer with his tiny little bag and has evolved into a full-on trend and lifestyle of shedding away the unnecessary and keeping only the necessary in a super little bag worn around the neck.

Leather makes a come-back:

Men in leather and men in black go hand in hand but this season we see full on suits and coats in purple leather alongside black leather suits and brown leather ones. It gives a vibe of the Matrix but with a chic and more sophisticated look.

We saw leather all over the runways of Dior, Louis Vuitton, Berluti and Alyx.

As you can see the trend list is long and very creative, and next fall winter season it will be up to you and your styling skills to incorporate these ideas and pieces in your wardrobe to represent you and your style and vibe.


Omaya Michelle

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