Looks to steal from Leena Al Ghouti

Leena Al Ghouti stands out from the crowd with her extra-long headscarf mixed with her androgynous look; her nickname to herself is the Arabian Rapunzel as her headscarf reaches the floor most of the times.

The 26-year-old Palestinian-Canadian who lived in the UAE for most of her life ended up pursuing a successful career on social media as she found a way of mixing her two passions; discovering fashion and expressing her graphic design skills.

Her feed is filled with some of the most fashion-forward looks that we have seen in the region and yet she uses regular items that we all have in our closet; She likes mom jeans, men’s suiting, sweaters, and extra-large T-shirts and of course, plenty of accessories to go along with her signature Hijab look.

Some might call her style modest however she believes her style is about being comfortable and confident and stylish.

Today Leena Al Ghouti shows us that her fashion knowledge goes way beyond dressing modestly in some of our favorite 10 looks

Look 1

 Leena Al Ghouti Looks We Love - The Modern East

Leena mixes black with a solid beige to create a classic attire that we could all wear.

She pairs up a beige suit with a black turtle neck, black boots, black hijab, black sunglasses, and a black bag. The masterpiece that is pulling the look together and the enormous scarf wrapped around her and mixing the colors together.

Look 2

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Lost in @dior

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Wearing her favorite Mom Jeans, she adds an oversized beige blazer with a black turtle neck and a black hijab. She adds in a gold pendant to differentiate between her top and hijab all while working the IT-bag of the season, the ever-famous Dior saddle.

Look 3

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Quick coffee break @jimmychoo #IWANTCHOO

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Leena Al Ghouti shows off her wild side with an animal print large sweater paired with a full black outfit. She even wears black tights on beige pumps and we LOVE IT!

Look 4

 Leena Al Ghouti Looks We Love - The Modern East

We never thought that putting a black puffer jacket on a white look could look so good. The usually contrasting colors seem to be in unison for this outfit and we are all for it.

Look 5

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Hello👑 || #OpenYourHeart #FendiPreFall18

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Now, this is a showstopper! Leena wears her essential items; the jeans and the turtleneck but adds on a colorful and intricate coat that elevates her look into a fashion-forward moment.

Look 6

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60's look💃🏼 @iwcwatchesarabia #fortheloveofcinema

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On the rare occasions that Leena wears a dress, she makes sure to twist it to its full potential. She creates her black staple look and adds on a flower printed Gucci dress with a golden bow and the total look is very picturesque and can be recreated with a Zara dress.

Look 7

Leena Al Ghouti mixes styles with that look as she wears a tracksuit with yellow stripes along with a couture over-sized jacket.  The mix is highly unusual and yet beautiful. It works in delivering a powerful message; be brave and dare!

Look 9

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I aint superwoman but I stole her cape 🙋🏻‍♀️

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A perfect outfit of the day delivered by the queen of staple chic. Leena plays with fabrics and colors by mixing dark green and white and lets her black hijab flow freely behind her.

Look 10

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Back to these days – Mirror selfies✋

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Leena Al Ghouti breaks her regular rules on this look and allows her imagination to run free.  She wears a black and white polka dot shirt with a multicolored striped skirt and a pair of sating greens pumps. We are not sure how to feel about it, but one thing is for sure, this outfit took guts and creativity.


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