Ramadan Staples from Local Designers

What better way to spend Ramadan evening but with friends and family, to spend it feeling loved and cherished and to also show some love for our regional designers who have created delicate and intricate pieces to make you shine.

On our list are some of the biggest local names that are changing the way we view modest dressing, they are strong creative women who embody in their pieces what they are about.

Razan Alazzouni

Take Razan Alazzouni as a start; From an early age, Razan exhibited a strong passion for all things related to art. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, she pursued her passion at The School of Museum of Fine Arts and TUFTS University in Boston, Massachusetts where she spent her college years. While there, she concentrated on sculpture, screen-printing, and papermaking.

Running parallel to her passion for art all these years was Razan’s love of fashion. Since graduating, Razan has dedicated herself exclusively to this field and developing her own clothing line. Rather than abandoning her art roots, Razan’s education paved the way for creating articles of clothing that are not only creative and original but sculptural as well and which heavily draw on her earlier influences.

Her clothing is all about exuding the femininity, delicacy, and grace of the female form. Razan derives most of her inspiration from women themselves and their natural poise and each piece in her collection is intended to show off its wearer in an elegant light while maintaining a sense of playfulness. The use of soft luxurious textures is dominant and allows for movement in the clothes, which adds a whimsical quality to the collection. The combination of chiffon and silk lends to the idea of women as soft, ethereal beings, which only enhances their femininity.

The unique hand-beaded pieces of the collection reflect the meticulousness, layers, and detail that has gone into creating each of Razan’s signature flowers. Razan’s pieces maintain sculptural and artistic integrity, as well as transport the wearer into the glamorous and sophisticated realm.

Our favorite pieces from her current collection are:

Faiza Bouguessa

Another amazing woman is Faiza Bouguessa, whose label Bouguessa has been worn by major celebrities including Beyoncé. Born and raised in France to Algerian parents, she was introduced to the world of fashion at a very early age as she spent time making garments with her grandmother who was a seamstress and who taught her the basics of sewing and knitting.

Her hobby soon turned into a passion which opened the door to many internships until she found her way; Minimalism. By creating Bouguessa, she wanted to highlight an ethos of minimalist sophistication and feminine elegance for today’s women. The signature designs lie in highly modern silhouettes, bold lines, geometric precision and great attention to details.

Our favorite pieces from her current collection are:

Huda Al Nuaimi

Finally, our last designer is a woman known for her beauty, grace and flawless sense of style; Huda Al Nuaimi. Huda al Nuaimi; the namesake is a luxury ready to wear and accessories label embracing change with each and every collection – In Huda’s world- fashion has no limits and she aims to empower and spread happiness through our luxury accessories and ready-to-wear label.

Using hand-embroidery, embellishments, color, and intricate detail – while never straying from flattering yet playful silhouettes – each collection is created with the fun, carefree and stylish female in mind where her modern and artistic approach to a traditional craft and bringing the art of handcrafted luxury embellishments and customization is celebrated. And the best part? Huda Al Nuaimi is committed to practicing cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethical practices.

Our favorite pieces from her current collection are:


Omaya Michelle

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