Pregnancy Styles: Rawan Bin Hussain

Rawan Bin Hussain is a Kuwaiti born influencer with millions of followers. She resides in the UK and attends law school there, she is also famous for her outbursts of happiness (winning the influencer Beauty award of Uzbekistan) and anger (exposing her ex fiancé after he cheated on her with an escort)

We live for the drama and she airs hers well, so after apologizing to her ex and telling him she loves him, the status of the relationship goes silent and we see Rawan in Dubai, announcing her pregnancy and marriage.

Yes, this is real life, not at all a soap opera and we are loving it; scroll through her Instagram and you will not find a single image of the husband but plenty of mentions in every pregnancy post or selfie of her. Having completed 23 weeks, we are left with a handful of pregnancy posts, plenty of questions about the baby daddy and some very nice pregnancy outfits.

So, while we wait for the pending answers regarding her drama filled love life let’s focus on the fashion part of this story and her beautiful pregnancy outfits.

We love her black and white look, she wears a long-sleeved black dress with a high neck and a ruffle skirt, with thigh high long black boots, and on top a black and white black and white cardigan with gold buttons. The look is chic and refined and the color helps reduce the size of the bump especially in the early days where she was trying to keep it on the low.

We then jump from black to pink with a Barbie look that reminds us of California vibes and palm trees. She wears a silk pink skirt above the ankle that has a beautiful shine to it with a pink long-sleeved sweater, hot pink no show socks (they only show a little bit) and a pair of low white converse.

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Pregnancy made me realise that my wellbeing is my child’s wellbeing. It’s crazy how this little human being is dependent on you and is affected by everything around you! I thought soulmates have a special connection but man! A mother & daughter have something else, something magical❤️👩‍👧 الحمل خلاني استوعب انه صحتي الجسديه والنفسية والعقلية من صحة طفلي، سبحان الله كيف الطفل يعتمد على الأم في كل شي ويتأثر بكل شي حولها، قبل كنت أقول توأم الارواح عندهم رابط عجيب بس الحين أقول البنت وامها عندهم رابط سحري افضل من اي شي ثاني بالدنيا💖🤰 يارب يرزق كل محروم 🙏🏻

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One of the most fantastic outfits she wears is for her gender reveal and it comes in bright yellow.

Rawan wears a light-yellow long tube dress with a see-through kaftan on top in bright yellow and feathers on the front. The look is audacious simply because of the color, as Rawan is fair-skinned the yellow if it was stronger would make her look more pale and tired but she managed to find the exact right tones to suit her skin color.

Another similar look in a different tone is the one below where she wears the same outfit structure meaning a tube dress and an open kaftan. This one come in white and the kaftan is in heavier fabric and full of embellishments, her make up is also soft to match the outfit.

Last but not least is the green kaftan made of taffeta fabric with a deep V-neck and gold leaf embroideries on the front. This style suits Rawan so much and will look beautiful on many pregnant ladies, especially towards the end of a pregnancy when the baby bump grows a lot more.


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