What did Soraya Bakhtiar wear in Jeddah

After lusting over Soraya Bakhtiar’s wedding dress (yes someone managed to get married in 2020 and look breathtaking) we are here to day to talk about her colorful and eclectic style.

And to make this story be more relevant we are entitling it what did Soraya wear in Jeddah? Why you may ask, well because her husband lives in Jeddah and Soraya has been spending more time with him and his family and has been on a journey to discover the city and its secrets and beautiful spots.

Her stories and feed are filled with Jeddah streets and sunsets as well as the coolest modest looks.



Soraya wears Zimmerman (the non-cut, no-skin version) and it fits Jeddah like no other brand!

She wears her heavily printed and colourful Zimmerman skirt with a short sleeve white shirt that’s embellished with an extra-large collar and adds a pair of classic Chanel kitten heels and she is ready to discover the town looking fabulous.



this look is easy to recreate and plenty of fun like most of Soraya’s outfits.

Matching it with the graffiti at the back of the photo, she wears beige office pants with a white t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers, casual so far but it’s the long printed kimono that wraps her body from head to toe that makes all the difference.



Soraya wears a full look from Helmer with the top/, pants and robe that match in their distinctive orange print, Pyjama chic has never looked so good.

Helmer is a great brand to wear if you love to travel and be practical and love understated luxury as it’s timeless modern and cool and can easily help you transition your look from day to night.


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